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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

men's fashion blog, london, united kingdomThis past uncharacteristically warm September Sunday I was free to do nothing beyond serving my own existence. As an inner London habitat having days without any scheduled commitments can be rare as the British summer itself. Whether it’s enjoying a glass a pimm's with a cone of chips and breaded coley overlooking the Regent's canal or attending a private viewing in Mayfair there is always something to keeping me out on the run.

However on this day my latest book purchase, E.T Bell – Men of Mathematics, finally got picked up from the work desk to be slotted in between Julian Barnes’ charmingly realistic Talking it Over and a slightly worn but well taken care of 1965 copy of One-Upmanship by Stephen Potter. It is a small and short book about how to trump and annoy other men, seduce women and sort of annoy them too.

Nevertheless the shelf was overcrowded. It couldn’t accommodate another book. It was a lighting realisation that in barely 5 months the shelf had graduated from a dust collector to a biblical library of all the 1,300 words of which I have recently consumed in less than 6 month. I’m officially a book worm; An individual who reads literature on Saturdays for recreational pleasure, gets excited over pressing the 1-click button on Amazon and gets anxious when a book has yet to be delivered by the time it’s 13:00am. Admittedly in the past, my attention span for books wasn’t long enough for me to read two pages without my boredom levels rising as I silently sat still, sliding my eye from right to left. An even bigger hurdle than reading was writing. Memories from my years as an 11 year old boy are still clear. Me, sitting there in the classroom, throwing gentle glances over my right and left shoulders to see whether my classmates have exceeded my paltry 3-4 lines of words. Quite often, the ambitious peers had their hands up to ask the teacher for more paper while I was scratching my head and looking out the window in search of sentence fillers that would extend my “essay” past my then magical half a page mark. Putting words onto paper was like trying to squeeze juice out of an organic sundried tomato. I hated writing, it was frustrating. Ambitions of becoming a writer, journalist, essayist or more crucially a blogger were as non-existent as polar bears on the South Pole.
Richard James Suit, London, Savile Row, Wool, Mohair, tailoredI was a bit tentative about writing this post. It’s sort of like catching up with a friend whom you used to hold dearly 5-10 years ago. Curiosity and nostalgia is telling you to go ahead while a worrisome sense of doubt begs the question whether you both have departed from what once kept your friendship bond so strong. But having been such a pivotal element in my life, the blog has been begging for a rendezvous and a bit more – perhaps a different dialogue without any layers of moisturizer, apricot scrub, Egyptian cotton shirt and wool/mohair suit.

Being a dedicated men’s fashion blogger took me on an unforgettable journey and unlocked a priced world. It was a swirly galaxy of champagne with perfect bubbles, delicious canapés with flavours that dance on the taste buds in unimaginable ways – and off course – shoulder rubbing with designers and famous personalities never imagined I would orbit. A fairy tale come true. Despite all the luxury, the shine of living in a polished Swarovski globe began losing its lustre. As a 21-23 year old I most often found myself in the habitat of older people – significantly older. With the exception of my always like-minded +1s, I rarely had any peer under the age of 30 to mingle with. Unlike in France, the fashion blogger community in the UK is surprisingly smaller. Only at 1 out of 6 functions were I in the presence of a fellow men’s fashion blogger, or blogger for that matter. Bidding farewell to the blog liberated me to watch the 2011 World Cup, drink beer and learn how to play FIFA, I am lousy btw, and simply be a guy - a regular dude.

However mentally exhumed and departed from the world of blogging I was, I am still infatuated with fashion – even more than I was during my days of spending 8-10 crafting blog posts until 02:00am. Fashion and design are magnetic to me. My obsession for mating together words and photographs to give blow kisses that help people understand and appreciate aesthetics has led to my new mantra as a Luxury Brand Consultant. That tall and towering title can easily be dispelled as a stylist for brand. I’ve meet quite few committed and deeply passionate entrepreneurs, creative and professionals who radiate with enthusiasm for what they do. Unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day which quite some hours short for playing jack of all trades. I lend a helping hand and a set of eyes and help style a businesses and their brand messages with the right imagery and words – leaving everyone else to spend 24 hours on what they do best and love most.
troik, usb hub, plane, ordning o reda, ipad accessory, fashion ipad 2 accessory, case, coverYou might be asking why I haven’t resumed blogging if I loved it? Not everything in life need to last forever, somethings are best enjoyed until the right before they risk losing what’s great about. That’s when the time comes is right to tuck away for preservation like a scarlet red gown or a velvet blue blazer with a black silk lapel – best worn and adorned for a few consecutive occasions – and then be stowed away on a wooden hanger and covered by a plastic film. Then, a period there after you open the closet and scroll through the columns of trousers, leather jackets and shirts just grab hold of that one piece you used to be the feat of your life. You bring it close to your nose to smell for scents that can trigger any faded memories, you then give it a snog, take one last 360 degree look and lock it away in the attic.

This post is my peek at all readers, supportive brands and people around the globe. Also it’s a finally dot of ink in Berkley Magazine before I mount another book shelf for a printed and preserved copy of Berkley Magazine to be slotted in between the grand bible of creative and aesthetics, Rudolf Armheim – Art and Visual Perception, and all the heart warming and encouraging letters I’ve been sent via email by you, the readers.


Berkley Magazine goes into retirement.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Men's fashion blog, male blog, fashion news, fashion adviceEvery story has a first chapter. Some stories as still being written for years and decades on, but others come to an inevitable end much sooner. The last chapter of Berkley Magazine is short. It began with a warranted design and layout overhaul that went live on the 2nd of January 2010 but come to a conclusion a little over three months thereafter.
The candle of passion for art, production and style is still burning brightly within me, but an unforeseen reshuffle in priorities has required me to draw the curtains on the blog. However, Berkley Magazine will not be erased from cyber space. Instead, it will continue to be live for anyone wishing to browse the archive. After three years of writing I’m taking an indefinite break from blogging but could potentially return in a different avatar than men's fashion blog Berkley Magazine. Some of you might wonder what will fill the vacuum of spare time that will now be present in my life. Well, photography is a growing interest that I’m currently engaging in, and above is a sample of mine taken during a sunset on a gorgeous winter day. It’s a glimmer of joy marking the closure of a chapter and the beginning of new story. On that note, I bid farewell and sincerely thank you all for reading.


The sun and GQbyCitroen concept car shines in London.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

unveiling, party, GQbyCitroen, Magazine, London, Hospital Club, gentleman quintessentially, Conde Nast, Covent Garden, Men's Style, Citroen, Concept, Car, Fastback Although petrol-headed car enthusiast, Berkley Magazine decided to forgo attendance of the hybrid bonanza at the annual Geneva auto show that took place last week. The consolation is owed to GQ Magazine and Citroen who knocked their heads together and held a private auto show of their own in trendy and vibrant Covent Garden, where the Hospital Club played host to an unveiling party for an electrifying concept on Thursday the 4th of March.
In a deep and lustrous shade of red the car was the centre of attention in a small sized hall with curious eyes orbiting around it while mesmerising over the muscular rear flanks and seductive lines stretching beautifully across the doors. Named GQbyCitroen, the car is a gentleman transformed into a vehicle of independence and sophistication. The self-assurance is expressed through the revival the fastback body shape that drifted into oblivion at the end of the 1970s. It is a crossover between a wagon and a coupé, fostering otherwise contradictory versatility of being spectacular enough for Park Lane but practical enough for days when a mate needs a gentleman’s helping hand, and car, for a lift to the airport.
unveiling, party, GQbyCitroen, Magazine, London, Hospital Club, gentleman quintessentially, E.Tautz, Savile Row, Patrick Grant, Tailoring, MilitaryPatrick Grant, head of design at E.Tautz - a Savile Row tailor, took the inside job of treating the car with an interior fit for a gentleman. Inside the cabin, driver and passenger will be engulfed in black and red leather caringly stitched together by one of Savile Row’s rising stars. Unfortunately the Concept car at the unveiling was a clay model and thus, getting personal with the car remains in our dreams. However, a fully functioning prototype should not be ruled out as Citroen’s previous partnership, with the Gran Turismo 5 racing game, climaxed with a physical entity parading the streets of London in June 2009. Both GQ and Citroen remain coy over details about what is to follow, but if the vision is to be turned into reality, it will be powered by a 1.6 litre hybrid engine thrusting the car from 0-60mph in 4.5 and the driver from chap to gentleman in zero seconds flat.


Diamonds and Dalmatians remain women's best friends – Thom Browne makes raccoon man’s favorite mammal.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

thom browne, new york, NY, catwalk, fall, winter, autumn, 2010, 2011, 10/11, tailoring, men's, raccoon, fur
Animal friends in ever house and jungle tent in the world must be in horror shock over the sight of raccoon tails dangling below the waist of straight faced models during New York fashion week. It’s like a Disney nightmare come true – Thom Browne, a living male Cruella de Ville skinning animals for shopping pleasure of the elite.

Before we all fly to JFK with buckets of red paint in hand, it is worth noting that raccoon tails may or may not be real and most likely aren’t. Regardless of the convincing imitation of the tails, they attest the outlandishness of high fashion – more correctly referred to as haute couture. It’s a category of one-off, sumptuous and labour intensive fashion creations with prices exceeding most people’s bank account balance. As of now the category is reserved for women, though Thom Brown is giving haute couture a reason to extend itself to menswear.

His New York Fall/Winter 2010 men’s collection stands true to the ethos of Thom Brown: cement-grey coloured tailoring spiked with unconventional attitude and finishing touches. The chequered knee socks made visible by trousers reaching a few inches above the ankle are well familiar sights. Pleasures we can see in falling leafs and windy autumns is that whatever we have in the clothes can be put to good use unlike during summers when stinging sunrays prevent us to wear any more than one layers on our bodies. Dressing up is fun, and Thom Browne wants us to have even more fun wearing inconceivably unrestrained clothing that are guaranteed to turn the heads of men, children, women and raccoons.


Pininfarina keeps coach building rolling on its four wheels.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Coach building is a virtue, which dates back several centuries to a time when man and machine were in the early stages of becoming truly engaged. Names such as Rippon, Barker, Carrozzeria Ghia and Chapron decked the lime light in the era of peace and love. In essence each firm wildly exhibited a unique style, grace and a forthcoming character in the automobile industry.

However, just like with most things in life. All good things in due course come to end and the scent of death and gloom prayed heavily on world of automobiles and coach building. As Picassco quoted “Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.” The death Chapron and the prostitution of Carrozzeria Ghia was not in vain. It paved the way for renowned firms such Pininfarina. The matrimony consequently was truly never salvaged during the purge. However today, the spirit of coach building is kept alive by keepers such as Rolls-Royce, Ferrari and Bentley.
The image and dream of Ferrari embedded in my mind, usually consists of me and Gabriela Sabatini and her beautiful long black hair blowing in the wind, cursing through the Italian coastline in a 355. However we live in Modern-day and Pininfarina have angled a new approach to the tackling design manifestation and asked clients -- specific clients -- to envision their ideal Ferrari, as one lucky customer put it “My Ferrari”. This lead to the birth of the ‘Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta which is a one off creation conceived over a 11 month period. In essence however, owning this car, would probably give one the same detained honor as being married to Cindy Crawford and Monica Bellucci’s daughter if females could mate with one another.

Rolls-Royce has also bestowed themselves to give Pininfarina a Drophead coupe to use as a donor car for the amazing Pininfarina Hyperion. The car itself looks like it has been crafted by the ancient sea monster Leviathan. The Catholic Pope would probably consider an automobile this immaculate to be his method of transportation to heavens. However, it is certain, that one having the option to experience the joyful – ceramic like beauty of this car would feel like being of the oceans.