Late winter/early spring accessory

Friday, 23 February 2007

Now that the end of February is near some of you are probably getting ready pull out that spring jacket you have in the closet, that you are longing to show off to your friends but haven’t because your mom is telling you its too light for the cold February weather.

Well there is no need to sob, because a fur hat should be able to keep you happy while waiting for a “warm” 15 degrees Celsius day to debut your spring jacket. A beige/blond fur hat is my favourite accessory at the moment. In combination with a dark coat, dark gloves and a nice black duffel back the fur hat will take you to a super star level in style. For those of you who want to look even more fashionable, a set of big and dark shades shall add even more dynamics to your outfit. So what are you waiting for? Run to your closest second hand store and find one, it shouldn’t set you back more than the price of a new DVD-film.