The scent of spring.

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

After good self-confidence a nice fragrance is probably the second element which could give your appearance or charm with the ladies a boost. My favourite fragrance at the moment is Hermés’s Terre d'Hermès which I tried out in London, November 2006.

Returning to Sweden from my short visit in London I went on a hunt for Terre d'Hermès , but found out at an early stage that Hermés doesn’t have a distributor in Sweden and the fragrance is basically impossible to get hold of in Sweden. A few weeks ago I was on Rodeo Drive California and unified in an Hermés store with my beloved fragrance and sprayed it all over my neck and wrists. Within an hour, four people had complimented me on the scent that was surrounding me.

How does the fragrance smell? The fragrance smells mahogany(expensive wood) and the sensation it gives is rather aristocratic. Despite the nobility of the scent I would characterise it as youthful and is probably an attempt by Hermés to make the brand more appealing to more people than 50 years old snobbish Frenchmen. More over it gives me a warm feeling but gives at the same time a mature rather than over masculine sensation.

Testing a fragrance.
When testing a fragrance take a paper stick and spray the fragrance on it and then put the stick in your pocket. Shouldn’t I smell the stick at once? No, you shouldn’t. It is pointless to smell on the stick at once because the true scent of fragrance develops when the molecules have had time to react with the molecules in the air. This is why a fragrance doesn’t smell that special and makes your nose itch when smelled at right after application. After15-20min take the stick out of you pocket and you should be able to experience the true scent of the fragrance.

Where should I spray?
A common mistake do is to spray fragrance on their clothes. Not only is it bad for your clothes but it is the worst way of spreading a scent. The number one spot for a spraying fragrance is your neck because that’s close to where the ladies puts their heads(noses) when they huge you. More over the neck is a warm place which will spread the fragrance better than any body part.
The second hot spot is the below the palms or above your watch where lots of veins are located. Additionally the movement of the hands will spread the scent all around you.


PatrickBateman said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention spraying just behind the ears. Actually, applying a bit to your fingertips and slightly rubbing it in.