What to wear this summer.

Friday, 23 February 2007

Since spring and summer is around the corner all the fashion magazines are telling the masses what to wear and not to wear during the summer. Since I’m not a trend whore I hardly ever take the advice given by the so called fashion “experts”. I believe in taking the lead and creating your own individual style.

Even though I’m not about to do what the fashion experts does I do have a nice tip for you who want look a little avant-garde during the summer of year 2007. What you will to be looking for is surprisingly, over sized pants. Alexander McQueen’s SS 07 collection is absolutely splendid and in fact my favourite out of all the SS 07 collections.

Pictures courtesy of Marcio Madeira/GQstyle.com

What’s most important about the collection in this case is that it features a handful of large or over sized trousers. Not only are they very comfortable and lets your legs breath during a hot day but they are very elegant, and can be worn on an outing during the day or on a more formal occasion during the night.

Big trousers aren’t anything new, they were actually very popular during the late 80s and early 90s, let me give you a hint*can’t touch this*.

What to wear with over sized trousers:

Polo shirts

Slim turtleneck sweaters

Puffy wind breaker jackets


Kenny said...

I like the last picture,nice collection!