Bags, bags, bags.

Sunday, 18 March 2007

You have probably read about it and so have I, the new bag carrying trend. Unfortunately I’m not going to spare you eyes, I feel that I have to jump on the wagon myself and explain what I feel about male bags.

Since the first cave man ever threw his first rock at rabbit men have not been walking around with a bag dangling from their right hand or shoulder. That’s pretty understandable. Unlike women we don’t have the need to carry with us 2 kilos of unnecessary stuff every time we leave home. Most dudes only takes their keys, cell phone, wallet and in some cases mp3players when walk out the door, and it all fits perfectly into their pockets. So the conclusion is that we men don’t need bags!!

Oh, I think I’ll take the last sentence back thank you. We do actually need bags. Next time your out doors take a look at the pockets of a man walking towards you, and what will you see? Bulging pockets! And it looks awful doesn't it?. Not only does it ruins the shape of your clothes but makes you feel uncomfortable, not to mention make you look less proper. Despite that I’m not going to recommend you to drag around a bag all day for the rest of your live. We all know how tiresome it is to even carry a small plastic bag for several hours, as a matter of fact the idea of fact having to carry anything at all is annoying. Therefore my recommendation is to get yourself a city bag aka a small messenger bag.

I call them city bags because they a small and light enough to carry with you on your pre-salary week window shopping. You simply let it hang across your body and you can walk around how much you want without being bothered in any way. Bear in mind though that city bags come in all different sizes. The smallest type one is a pouch and swallows nothing more than your cell phone, wallet, an iPod G5 and other tiny things you might have in your pockets like condoms. In my opinion this is the bag for the majority of the guys out there. Tiny, often inexpensive and does simply does the job.

Then we there is the proper city bag which has a foot print of an A4 paper. This type of bag suits those who carry novels, telescope umbrellas, hats and lotion bottles, simply things which you can’t carry in your pockets.

Lastly the world of fashion has recently introduced the male purse. If you are a trend whore than a male purse is something for you, but be warned, you might get strange stares with it, especially if you wear it with a kilt. There is no way to defend yourself if you get angry after getting laughed at. People around you will just say “You know where you got that bag from, and it damn sure wasn’t from the men’s department.” Carrying a male purse is a bit over the top if you ask me, the world isn’t ready for it yet.


people are smart said...

what's the name of that louis vuitton bag at the top?

Luwalira said...

It's a LV Trotter bag. I don't know the extension name though.