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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

A few years ago people only associated Dior with women’s wear but he changed it. He is what Tom Ford was for Gucci, what Marc Jacobs is for Louis Vuttion, his name is Hedi Slimane. If you haven’t heard of him then you better recognize because he is a rising star.

The photographer, album cover, store and furniture designer has redefined Dior and revolutionized the world of men’s clothing. His signature is very slim shaped clothes with a touch of femininity. Further more Hedi is known for using unhealthily thin models which celebs like Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan probably envy.

My favorite DH collection is the SS05 which featured a great amount of what’s in the DH stores today like the D-point belt and the “Brut” Denim jeans. The collection is his most “mainstream” one up to date, meaning that it is very uncontroversial and consist mostly of thing which you wear on the streets without getting stared at.

After the widely appreciated SS05 collection, the true design of Hedi came forward. Almost all his collection now days feature dark dark outfits with some exceptions where there are splash of a bright colour. The style and mood of DH collections tend to be very inspired by punk and medieval times. Hedi who is a good friend of the beloved and drug free Pete Doherty worked at YSL prior to moving over to Dior in the year 2000.

Personally I’m interested to see what Hedi has planned for the future of DH. His designs are great but some garments are too eccentric but my biggest with him is versatility. His 4 latest collections are almost identical and in the fashion industry people want to see new designs and a monotonic style will get you to the bottom pretty quick. So Hedi, if you are reading this, please surprise us with a revolutionary SS08 collection. Nonetheless I think he is a great designer with lots of potential.


Anonymous said...

På vilken/vilka sidor hittar du alla bilder på? Tänker på modereklambilder.

Gaha said...

Who the hell is "Peter Dorothy"? ^_^

Luwalira said...

Thanks for the heads up. Mistake corrected.:)