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Friday, 9 March 2007

Why do all good things come to an end? Last week I saw the last episode of the O.C. tv-show and now “Ugly Betty” is my only light is this dark, dark world of silk boxers, unnecessary wars and bad breaths. I was an O.C fanatic and have, in fact seen every single episode and guess who my favorite character was? Marissa Cooper off course!

Not only is she a very attractive young woman, but she also wore beautiful clothes through out all four seasons. Mischa Barton’s sharp dressing continued even off set where there has been a craze over every single garment she puts her nicely crafted body. Thanks to her proportions most runway dresses she wears fits her like a glove, and if I was a girl I would be jealous about how great she looks. Although I do admire creativity, Mischa has her share or tasteless outfits which I never in a thousand years would recommend any woman to wear. Have I mentioned that she has a cute smile?

The O.C dies but Marissa’s legacy lives on.


Anonymous said...

hej vännen! hoppas du har trevligt på modevisningen idag då! vi får prata längre nästa gång. Get up the good work med bloggandet också. Pussar /tina