Hedi + Dior Homme = Break up

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Breaking news!! Although rumors have been circulating in several weeks it has apparently come to the surface that Hedi Slimane is leaving Dior. As a matter of fact Dior is showing him the door and LHMV and Dior will make it official in a few days.
Coming from directly from the horse mouth it seem like Hedi and Dior are in a dispute over his contract renewal and Hedi's requests have been said to be too demanding. It it sort of like the same conflict Tom Ford and Gucci had. I'm actually in chock and never believed that the rumors were true.

I guess Dior don't find Hedi to be too important after all. Him leaving the brand is both good and band. The good is that Dior can acquire a designer who is more versatile. Sure Hedi's style was cool and unique but like I mentioned in my previous entry he has a big problem with versatility. A big name like Dior simply can't afford to put their name on a designer's collections which are almost indistinguishable. The bad side of this is that Dior Homme is loosing a part of itself, Hedi and the name Dior Homme goes hand in hand.

So what now? Hedi Slimane will probably start and his own line and currently there isn't any information about what fashion house he is going to work for. As for the replacement there are strong speculation that Kris Van Assche is taking over after Mr. Slimane. That all there is for now and I'm pretty sure we will be hearing more about this story in the coming weeks.


Flurre said...

Skönt att få bort Hedi Slimane, ärligt talat är man lite trött på 40 kilos grabbarna.

Anonymous said...

Hej Hassan!

Så du sitter vid datorn när du ska leva livet i USA? :P

Hoppas att allt är finfint!


Anonymous said...

what are your sources? Hedi rules.

Luwalira said...

Flurre: 40 kilos modellerna kommer verkligen att gå out of business nu:P

Josephine: Kul att du besöker min blogg. Jag lever livet här i USA samtidigt som skriver om mode på nätet;)

I know the news came down hard and might be hard to swallow but here is the source(you have to be a subscriber to read the full article: