Watch Yourself.

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Are you one of the 21th century people who use a cell phone to keep track of time? If you are, then it’s time for you to get yourself a wrist watch. Not only does a wrist watch make you more of a man but it is also a very convenient instrument for keeping track of time. The use of a cell phone requires you to stand up(assuming you are seated), reach into your right pocket, maybe even press a button or two, look at the time(off course), sliding the phone back into the pocket and then sit down again. Where as with a wrist watch, you just turn the watch towards and voila, you get to know the time without a hassle.

Pictures courtesy of Luc Virginius/The Watch Quote™

Choosing a watch might not be very easy since there is an endless quantity of watches out there with different or in many cases similar designs. What I consider most important is finding a watch which reflects your personality. Weather it is a Kermit or Hello Kitty watch it doesn’t matter, as long as the watch is YOU. The worst move is purchasing an Omega Seamaster professional 300m just because it is well respected watch. Anybody could buy that watch and it is quite a popular one too, which means that you will unlikely trigger curiosity with that watch on your wrist in a room full with watch fanatics. If you are an athlete the functions of a chronograph(timekeeping) watch along with a steel bracelet might reflect your personality. While someone who is conservative, enjoy classic music and like it low-key might prefer a thin watch which has a black leather bracelet and roman dials.

I know some of the nicer watches are expensive for the average Joe but there are descent watches out there for 300-500 dollars. My advise to anyone who’s in the market for a watch but don’t know what they want, is to take a look at the grand watches from the top manufacturers, because their watches often have the best designs. After having found an attractive watch that probably cost more then your car, look at watches in your price range and try to find similar one. Be warned though, watches priced below 400 dollars with lots of details tend to look cheap, so if you plan on purchasing a very cheap watch, choose one with few details are possible. At last don’t forget to match your watch with a similar coloured cufflinks.


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