Justice has been served.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Picture courtesy of Associated Press

Long time super model Naomi Campbell is finally getting a taste of the American justice system and gets to pay for her evil habitual tossing of cell phones. In the first month of the year she was sentenced to 5 days community service for cold heartedly throwing a thick Blackberry phone at her maid.

On Monday the 19 of January the supreme diva arrived at sanitary garage in the dark, dark city of NYC to rock the mop and broom. Judging by Miss. Campbell rather tasteful army inspired outfit, high heel boots and the fact that she had a maid, suggest that she probably isn’t going to do great job getting the floor clean. Then again having to be in a filthy sanitary is probably agonising enough for her. Hopefully she will think twice next time she want to express her anger in the form of throwing gadgets at other peoples’ heads. For the sake of people around her I hope that she won’t get hold of the iPhone, because getting that heavy PDA/phone in the head will probably hurt a bit.

Picture courtesy of Associated Press


chucky said...

I feel more pity for the phone than for the maid. It is too good to be thrown...