Kick ass fashion ads

Sunday, 4 March 2007

The world of fashion ads is a multi mullion industry. It involves top photographers, models with perfect proportions, money consuming studio time and very talented stylists. The full price of an ad can land at several hundred thousands of dollars. Magazine ads is the main tool designers use to show us their latest creations. Evidently some ads are better than others and in my opinion a great deal of the ads I have seen in magazines are garbage and not catchy. The ads which are worthless are those you glance at for a second and then turn the page.

What I consider to be great ads are those which capture you attention for more than 3 seconds and actually makes you look at the clothes, the models everything around them. There are only a handful of designers which consistently creates ads which make you tell you buddy beside you “hey look at this ads”. Without even thinking twice, Dolce & Gabbana takes my price home for “the most creative ads”.

Even though some of their ads flirts with the homosexual community and other might be considered tasteless, there is no denying that the majority of the D&G ads are cool. Most importantly Dolce & Gabbana has a unique theme for their ads every season. I can’t recall that I have seen an ad from the designers which resembles an ads from a previous year. To give you a glimpse of what ads from the fashion designer look like, I have a few of the more eye catching ads below.


Kimberley said...

Hassan, You sure are good at what you do :D

Henrik said...

I totallt agree what you have written about the ads in the industry, but I dont see you point that DG make the most intressting ads, I'm more into guccis ads then.

Luwalira said...

Henrik: Along with DG, Gucci is one of my three favorite designers when it comes to ads. The style of Gucci's ads are between LV and D&G ads, tasteful but youthful at the sametime.
The reason why I prefer D&G ad campaign is that they are so much more dynamic than the average ads. The number of people, the mixture of women and men, and the poses of the models evokes emotions and triggers curiosity.
Great ads shouldn't only look good but they should be interesting aswell and D&G covers every different style. Some of their ads are elegant, some are concidered obscene, others are playful and a good number of them are cool.
Just like designers create collections with different styles, they should do likewise with their ads.

Utmanare said...

I Luw your blog luwa;)

Damien said...

I'm not entirely sure that I think D&G ads are the best but I know why you may like them. I'm currently doing a paper on stereotyping and objectification of the body and I must say, of the 20 of us in the class, about 12-15 of us brought in D&G ad's to show how they've progressed and become more and more of sex sells than their clothing. D&G seems to be most catching of the bunch because they have effectively removed all barriers of male and female sexuality and broken all bounds. While you may agree or not is subjective.

Other than advertising, I must say, D&G IMO also makes the best mens clothing. It's quite trendy and appealing.

Luwalira said...

You are absolutley right D&G ads are very much sex fixated. Although some of their ads might appear vulgur to some people D&G are doing what's right. They give us the unexpected and that is what the fashion industry is about.