Set sail.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Happen to join the navy soon, have a gay cruise on the radar or do you just want to give the impression that you have rented an 80 foot yatch in Monaco? Regardless of plans you need to get in character and the perfect choice of clothing style is none other than the cruise look aka my favourite look of all. The reason I love the cruise look is because it is so noble, elegant but yet warming.

Creating a cruise outfit isn’t that difficult at all. The main pieces are white chinos, jeans or shorts and a black or navy blue(preferably). After that is just a matter of grabbing a white shirt and you are good to go. Oh I forgot one thing, gold buttons details and accessories. Gold coloured buttons are really important because they give the garments the expensive and noble look. They aren’t really that difficult to get hold of either. Just visit a textile store and you should be able to leave with a full set of buttons for a blazer for no more than 10 euro. After that you sew them on yourself on a sunday night you usually waste on myspace.
What about accessories? Brown leather piece is my recommendation since brown is softer than black, it’s all about being relaxed and soft like the ocean.