Women's AW07/08

Saturday, 31 March 2007

Sure most magazines have since several weeks ago laid down their comments of the women's AW07/08 collections and that I'm way little late, but hey better late then never. Women's collection beats men's collection by far, with their wide variety of short skirts, long skirts, dresses, trousers, shorts and styles, no to mention haute couture women's fashion have always been more interesting and have attracted larger crowds.
The number of high fashion women AW07/08 collections are about 2-3 times as many as the men's and great number of them of fabulous. Picking out the three best collections is almost impossible and therefor I have decided to list three of my favorite ones.

Celine's contribution is a very luxurious looking collection with it's silk materials and elegant pieces. It is all very Posh and remind me of those 35-50 years old tanned women I encounter once in while with their LV monogram bags. Most of the time they glow looking very wealthy, smell expensive perfume and drive a Porsche Cayenne Turbo which has been paid for by their husband. Gold digger and very self conscious inspired collection but it's great, isn't it?


At the opposite side of the Celine's collection we have Balenciaga with their youthful collection. It is a mix of several colors and garments from different cultures. I'm a big fan of colors and I think Balenciaga has done a great job standing out in the crowd with a living and playful collection.


Christian Dior
Last but not least is the creation of John Galliano aka king of haute couture. You simply can't discuss AW07/08 without mentioning the Dior. Galliano is truly a master at creating dresses and this time he has focused on contrasting colors. The overall style of the dresses is glamor and red carpet, very first class. Further more variation is not a problem at all, the collection offers dresses of different materials and style, absolutely nothing to complain about. Galliano, you are amazing!!


Not mentioned, but certainly not forgotten Moschino and Chloe.


Alec said...

Hate to be a bitch but this is "Men's Fashion Blog" ... there are hundreds of blogs on women's fashion - half of which I'm subscribed to already.

Write about men's fashion because that's what we're here to read about!! =D

Luwalira said...

You are right Alec, this is meant to be a men's fashion blog but I couldn't help myself, I love women's fashion to. but from now on no women's fashion*I'll try*. =P