Desirable Diary.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Although I'm a blogger who enjoy getting thoughts and feelings off my mind I'm by no means a diary type of person. Still that doesn't stop me from day dreaming about sliding down Smythson Fashion Diary designed by Giambattista Valli down in my city bag.

Inside the diary there are shopping guides, addresses to store (Accessories, clothes, jewelry, you name it) , places to eat, accommodations and even map. All of that for the fashion capitals of the world New York, London, Paris and Milano. The diary comes in a nice blue box and is covered in lace tulle and toile which are materials I know crap about, but which does sound exotic. Then again those are the type of materials one would expect on a diary with a $331 price tag. And the answer is yes, the diary does come with tons of empty pages for writing down any dirty and naughty thoughts.


Jacqueline said...

Hey! It's Jacqueline from your Marketeing class. I absoltely love your postings. They are so fun to read.