From the runway to the street.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

There aren't that many things you can do in the world of fashion which increases your street cred of make you penis a few millimeters longer than rocking a piece from a run way show. Clothes from the run way shows are often only sold in Paris, London NY and Milano, come at astronomical prices are often impulse expenditures since you really can't plan to buy something you don't know exist. Celebs are the main buyers since they can afford to drop several hundreds of euros on something they fell in love with at first site.

Still the most important reason for buying a runway piece is because they are so exclusive. Within a 100 000 kilometer radius you might be the one with a specific piece. In some cases it is pretty understandable because I've seen some run way pieces that the majority of the living creatures on this earth wouldn't want to wear. The fella below here is an example of a loaded Dior fan boy who happen to fall in love with the wrong shoes. Although some stuff might look like a piece of art on the runway, they will make you look ridiculous twink on the street. And hooking them up with a pair of latex looking trousers and an intergalactic looking trench coat doesn't make thing better.


Alec said...

It's a nice coat and he's a good-looking guy, but the trousers and shoes (and bag) just make him seem too much of a catwalk victim. Too bad, cos he is hot.