Happy Easter.

Friday, 6 April 2007


Easter is around the corner, and it all feels like Christmas again. Stores selling decoration, have their so called "Easter specials" trying to suck you wallet dry as a gingerbread. Either way, don't care about that, just keep on painting your hard boiled easter eggs.
Unless you are going to dress up like a scarecrow or a witch this weekend you better get into character and dress colorful. The majority of buys out there seem to be scared of colours. Sure one doesn't want to be as brightly dressed as Ronald MacDonald but some sprinkle of colour here and there lightens up your day and your aura. Not that many can master the art of colours and it does take a good eye and fashion sense too put together a colourful but tasteful outfit at the same time.


The colour n00b better start off with colourful accessories to avoid the risk embarrassment from a hideous combo involving colour like chicken yellow and Shrek-green. The safest colours to combine are blue, red and white, they tasteful and always look great together. If you're wearing a boring black and white outfit you can easily spice it up with some colourful socks, scarfs, bow ties and pocket scars. For a successful Easter you really devoted fashion freaks should go over the top and paint eggs which match with your outfit. Don’t forget to brush your teeth after eating eggs though. I hate the sight of egg yolk getting stuck between teeth.

I wish you all a great Easter holiday.