Heather Marks.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Finally I’m back from the half dead, almost food poisoned myself and to warm myself up I’m introducing you to Heather Marks which is my model of the month.

If you haven’t heard of her before you brain is probably going to in print her adorable 18 years old doll face in your memory. Her face is so cute it makes the sugar in my coffee taste sour. Miss Marks is Canadian and is one of the biggest models out there right now, thanks to her big blue eyes. Pure marriage material


Flurre said...

Sjukt hur många dockansikten det finns därute, kolla bara: Gemma Ward, Lily Cole, Miranda Kerr, Jessica Stam och hon som är barnbarn till Elvis.

Luwalira said...

Stämmer men just nu är ingen av dom lika söt som Heather Marks. Är Jessica Stam Elvis barnbarn? Damn, det där visste jag inget om.