HM presents COS

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Happen to have lived in a dark cage with a silver back gorilla the latest three months? If the answer is yes I hope you had a good time and I’m happy to inform you that HM has launched a new brand called Collection Of Style.

For starters the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are the lucky nations to get COS stores. We others will just to watch, stand by and hopefully COS will be successful enough for H&M to expend the brand and open up stores in more countries

What COS is all about is offering clothes with classic design, all at prices around 30-50% more than their equivalent in HM stores. People who want good quality with good fit are the ones H&M are aiming at with their COS brand. I think it’s a great idea. HM is a great company but I haven’t bought anything from them in several months since I find the quality of their clothes to be lacking. It’s not like HM clothes break or anything like that. My problem is that they lose their fit and look awful after around 5 washes. Therefore I hope the COS clothes are worth the extra dough.

As for the style of their clothes the outfits in their runway show weren’t too exciting but I find some of the female outfits to be very beautiful and timeless. I do like some of the men’s trousers and blazers. It’s going to be interesting to follow COS during the year, and who knows, HM might even end up hiring a high fashion designer for the brand. At least that’s what I hope.


lluviaschick said...

sounds really interest...
loving your blog

Luwalira said...

Welcome to my blog and I'm glad you like it =)