Internet Phenomenon.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The reason why we all love internet and reality TV is because they give a chance to see how different people far far away are like. And the person I'll will mention is this entry is no exception. Ladies and gentlemen, chicken and mammals, I introduce to you all the fashion internet phenomenon Bryan Boy.
He is a fashion fanatic just like me and is also very gay by which ever definition you choose. Judging my the Hermés Togo Birkin bag and the Dior in the picture above he does have a bit more money to spend on clothes than the average window shopping fashion whore.

So who is he? Well he is a random dude and from the impression I have of him, he is just a globetrotter that seem to enjoying life. I'm a bit worried about Bryan though, he seem to be following the I-want-to-be-skinny-as-lamp post Hollywood trend. The last time I visited his blog which was one and a half years ago, he has more meat on his body than what he has now. Hopefully he won't follow in Nichole Richie's foot steps.

What I admire about Bryan is that they he say exactly what he feels and is quite vulgar at times but in a funny way, kind of reminding myself of me. Off course some opinions are better of held for yourself but in general I think that more people should have the courage to speak their minds but most importantly not be afraid or embarrassed of who they really are. Now that I have feed you with some philosophical go and check out his blog at He is one hell of a character.


Flurre said...

Har en kompis som känner honom :D, han säger dock att han är väldigt schysst.

Mash said...

Are you 100% sure this guy is gay ? because I would like to marry him , maybe I will give me his birkin bag !!!! hehe

monsieur AG said...