Look of the month: April

Monday, 2 April 2007

Perry Ellis SS05

Pictures courtesy of Marcio Madeira/GQstyle.com

Ahhh You love the sound too, don't you, the sound of spring. April is the official months spring month, this is when flowers starts popping up, people becoming more polite and nicer to one another. It is also during spring when you should toss your winter jacket into the attic and cellar and slit into something lighter and what is a better choice than a thick cardigan?*Well I don't know, so figure that one out for yourself*

What I love about thick cardigans is that they are cosy, girl love hugging you when you're wearing them and they are very comfortable. Wearing a cardigan without anything underneath is very sexy and hot, though it does require you to have a well defined chest like Fabio. For the shy and modest, a well fitted plain wife beater or T-shirt works as well. Looking at the guy above is it pretty obvious that what he's wearing at the bottom half of he body, and my advise is to hold on a a few more weeks until you put on some shorts. Chinos are still my recommendation since far too many guys have seen to have forgotten that there are other pants to wear than jeans.

Since most of the snow around the world has melted it is safe to wear loafers without being worried about them getting all filthy. Loafers are both comfortable, easy to put on and of but make you look proper as well.


H said...

Jag gillade hela kollektionen...med Betsy..

Luwalira said...

Överlag är kollektionen tilltalande med SS05 var snäppet snyggare.