The perfect spring sneakers.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

My lovely all white Zara sneakers are starting to wear out and I think I better start planning my next sneaker purchase. Being the materialist I am, Lanvin and Ann Demeulemeester's High top sneakers have been at the top of my list. Unfortunately I was heart broken when I found that they they are in the 500 euro price range. That really puts them in a league of their own and there is no way that I'll ever pay that much money for a pair of sneakers.

Thankfully I have found something which is ten times cheaper and that is Converse Chuck Tailor Leather high-tops. I'm totally in love with them. Although converse sneakers are very main stream, very few people walk around in the leather ones. What I great about them is that they are completely white, clean and minimalistic shoes is the only way for me to go. Further more the they are so discrete that from a distance very few will be able to tell that they are Converse. Lastly the leather material is a lot easier to keep clean than cotton. You simply wipe the dirt off rather than having to toss the shoes inside a washing machine.


Portillon said...

Converse shoes are classic for men AND women. Whether or not you end up looking pseudo-hipster is all depending on how you combine them with your clothes. I like to imagine them worn with a suit, or in a 60's bohemian way..

p.s: hittade länken till din blogg på tfs, den är jättebra! trots att jag är tjej ;)

Luwalira said...

I totally agree with you. Converse shoes are so awesome thanks to their versatility. Hippies, hip hoppers, punks, skaters, high fashion, you name it. They work for all styles.

Jag var inne på din blogg nyss och märkte att jag har varit inne på den tidigare och stulit en bild på en fåtölj;)

Alice said...

Wow..! Spring is also my favorite season and I also got the Converse Chuck Tailor Leather high-tops shoes for this spring.