The street is your runway.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

What does PS3, Lexus IS 250 Sport and sushi in common? I dig them and they are all from Japan!!! What's increased my love for Japan even more is their street fashion. Street fashion sites are popping up everywhere but none of them are as interesting as those showing Japanese street fashion.

The japs(if I may call them that) are so damn creative. It is almost like there is a battle on the streets going on over who can pull out the craziest outfit. Nobody seems to be walking in someone else's footsteps. That's something unique about them and I have yet to find another nation with the same fashion culture.

Wanna see more? Visit


Djavan said...

Other than yours I love that site.

Luwalira said...

Yupp the site is great. It keeps you busy for an hour or so flicking through all the outfits. =)

The Brit said...

Thanks for the insight. Can you a post of some good street websites? I haven't look at the link you put in yet, but the clothing is really interesting.

- The Brit