Friday, 27 April 2007

I’m probably not the only guy in our galaxy who love the sight of a well shaped promiscuous girl wearing leggings in combination with some t-shirt/dress hybrid. Leggings give girls a chance to show off their sexy legs leaving plenty for us guys to fantasies about while at the same time not looking sleazy as Katie Price aka Jordan.

Off course some girls look hotter in leggings and t-shirt than others but the majority of them have one thing in common, and that is that they all dress almost identically. To go even further I would go as far as saying that girls are in general trend whores. When a new trend hits the city they jump up on it and ride it until it is dead. I don’t know about the rest of the world but this is the case in Sweden where you don’t need to read a women’s fashion magazine to know about the current trends. Just stand in the middle of one of the bigger cities and after 10 minutes you will know what’s up.

My criticism in general to the opposite sex is that many girls know how to dress but they lack individuality. I have female friends who I have seen scanning other girl from head to toe in an disturbing way like most girls do, but then to go off and buy the same top at H&M. The Moschino outfit at the top is a great example how a girl can make leggings look chic and classy at the same time.

I’m a pretty particular and hard headed fasionista meaning that I almost never follow trends. The only types of trends I follow are new design movements in fashion which are here to stay. I highly value individuality and hate the thought of dressing the same way as a quarter of the guys in my city. My aim is always to look unique and somehow it happens by itself. Some how all the clothes I buy always manage to mix well with the rest of my wardrobe. Still I have a confession to make. Back in the days, 3-4 years ago, I was an in-closet Beckham trend and ended up jumping on the light-coloured-and-trashed jeans. Looking back I’m pretty ashamed of it but lets face it, all trend are hated when they have died off like the Von Dutch trucker caps Aston Kutcher and Paris Hilton rocked 24/7 in 2004. Do I discourage you from following trends? No I don’t but if you do try to give the whole a personal and unique touch.


Anonymous said...

hehe, värt av mig att jag inte tar åt mig. Mohaha. Och vad jag håller med dig om alla enformiga tjejer här.. tajts och stora t-shirtar är riktigt uttjatat nu..

får ta en snack på msn snart, hehe. Sköt om dig, puss tina

Anonymous said...

läste min kommentar precis, menade att den trenden har blivit så stor att nästan ALLA har på sig det. Men samtidigt, som du skrev i ditt inlägg, så håller jag med dig om att trenden egentligen är snygg. Men även det bästa kan bli dåligt om man utsätts för det för mycket.
puss /T

Luwalira said...

Så trenden är fortfarande i full gång i GBG? Även om du inte är en trend hora så måste du väl också hakat på treden eller hur? Den är faktiskt fet najs=)


Anonymous said...

nja.. kan faktiskt inte säga att jag har gjort det riktigt.. Men jag ska köpa mig ett par Marc Jacobs T-shirtar.. och då blir det nog lite t-shirt trend över mig! hur är det med den trenden i USA då?

Åå, förresten! Du är ju i USA ja, hade jag glömt bort! Du råkar inte ha någon Marc jacobs affär i närheten? hehe.

Vi får höras i helgen. puss