What suits you?

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Graduation is still to over at least for the majority of the my friends and I believe I’m suffering from a suit-fever. Last week me, my mom and my younger brother who will be graduating from the 9th grade next week went to hunt for a suit.

The obvious place we went to is HM, their suits are cheap, look good and have a great fit. At HM I came across a very desirable navy blue and white pinstriped suit. It was slighty glossy and when my economy is right I’ll buy the trousers, because I have searched for a pair just like them for several months. Having bought a 450 dollar wool Ralph Lauren blazer for 89 dollar a few months ago I’m craving for a full suit. The quality and superb fit of the blazer has increased my appreciation for expensive blazers. It makes me feel like a Bill Gates that still dates.

Since I have stopped growing the time has come to buy a suit which I’ll use for years to come. I’m thinking about aiming for the pinnacle or men’s wear, a tailored suit. Like the people over at Gillette would say, the best a man can get. I have done some research and you can actually get your hands on a high quality suit for 700 euro. That might sound like a lot and unsurprisingly it is, but take a look in some peoples’ pockets and their iPod and cell phone will most likely add up the sub 700 euro level. Further more they’ll only use the gadgets for 1-2 years and then let them dust at home.

When it’s my turn to lay down my dough for a tailored suit I will most likely go for a navy blue with thin white pin stripes or a gray with lines going beautifully across the whole suit. Why not a black suit? Black suit are used the most. We wear them at parties, graduations, a night out at a pub, on funerals and everywhere else where we want to look a little stylish. So? Black suits take beatings, just ask me. During my graduation last year my trousers got burnt from ashes coming from a cigarette during the cruise in the cab, and got splashes on champagne on it several times. Surprisingly I didn’t bother me that much since I knew shit could happen during graduation, which is why I bought my black suit at HM. You simply can wear an ultra expensive suit at a crazy celebration because you wouldn’t be tight as a grown man’s anus not able to relax. The thought of damaging the suit would mean you would be body guarding it the whole day. With that being said I wouldn’t recommend anyone forking over a huge sum of money for a plain black suit.

Two button, three buttons? You decide. When ordering a tailored suit there are often several hundreds of fabrics, cuts, designs, buttons, colours, patterns to choose from and it’s all up to you to make your pick.


Wisdom comes with age.

Monday, 28 May 2007

This rather old man who looks like an evil villain taken straight from a 70s James Bond, flick seem to know some about style that some youngsters don’t. He is a great example of flawless matching.

Everything from the scars, the shirt and the pocket square are matching. Oh, and do I even have to mention the ingenious use of the scarf. That is really something I’m going to imitate, gotta buy myself some colorful and cheap scarfs. Weir enough my mom don't like it at all and thinks the man looks feminine.


Brazilian Zexynezz.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

The front cover of June’s issue of GQ magazine is nothing but hot, even making me go and buy a bottle of Coca Cola with Cherry taste, which is pretty extraordinary since I never drink coke.

It is nice to see Miss Ambrosini in the spot light instead of the over-exposed Adriana. Adriana fans won’t be disappointed with cover since it is a three page cover featuring the two girls and Nick Cannon’s wife aka Selita Ebanks. More over the issue features some “unseen” photos from the 6 months ooooooooooooold 2006 Victoria Secret Show. I have absolutely no clue why they waited this long to show us the pictures. They probably didn’t have any good ideas for a June front cover so they decided to dig up a blast from the past.

Other than that the magazine features a pretty explicit Tarantino interview and a rather boring Tokyo editorial.


The Mastermind.

Friday, 25 May 2007

Aaaaaaarrrrrggh , god morning fellow internet pirates. “Pirates of the Caribbean” has had it’s premier this week, or was it last week? Weird enough I haven’t seen either of movies. Since I’ll have plenty of time curing my jet-lag I’ll probably set sail tonight and surf the waves on the internet in search for the first movie.

The Jack Sparrow of the fashion industry is John Galliano. The 20th January(my birthdate) this year he celebrated his tenth year as the captain of the ship. He is the master mind and might be of the best designers alive today.

His men’s collection are more than what most people could mentally swallow. I just flicked through three collection from his John Galliano men’s line and finding one wearable outfit proved to be as difficult as not finding carbs and sugar in Rosie O'Donnell’s kitchen.

Galliano follows the principle “less is bore”, all his collection are theatrical and over the top. Yesterday I was in a store which has some of his pieces for sale, and I wouldn’t buy any of them. Not only because they are too much, but also because of their disgustingly high price tags.

On the other hand his women’s collections are to die for, he is the true king of couture and he is extremely versatile. Every collection he design doesn’t resemble the previous ones. He is a master, which is why Dior hasn’t let go of him for ten years and they’ll probably won’t unless he completely resign from the fashion industry.

Dior Cruise 0708

Dior AW/0708


The Departed.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Why do all good things have to come to an end? Ugly Betty season 1 is over and now I have to leave this polluted but very warm oasis, aka California. It have been a very interesting 4 month visit, and I have matured into an adult if I’m to be philosophical about it.

Fashion wise it has been a night mare. Well fitted jeans have been impossible to find except in DHs store on Rodeo Drive. Further more some people here find my way of dressing funny, especially my hair. Then we have those who look at me like I’m an illegal alien but thankfully a few have complimented me.

Now it’s all back to Sweden and in 9 hours I’ll be sitting on a plane on my way to San Francisco reading an airplane saftey manual. where I’m definitely not going to be picking up a men’s magazine if you know what I mean. On the other hand I will be picking up a copy of the latest GQ magazine issue in London, I always do that when I’m in London. It’s a perfect magazine to read and easily kill 2-3 hours.

Off course I will be dressing up a bit in hope of at first sight falling in love with a French girl named Louisé which I would have deep eye contact with in terminal number 5 at London Heathrow airport while standing on escalators going opposite her, to later dropp out of school and marry her in Marseille an enrage both her and my parents. Kidding aside I love dressing up, but will not be wearing a three piece suit or anything similar like the outfits featured in Valentino’s AW 2006 collection.
Since I don’t like leaving things behind I need to go and finish up my Ben&Jerry “Americone Dream” ice cream.

BTW I just ate pizza with rice on top, horrid idea. Do not attempt at home. Yet lag here I come!!


Models of the month: Super model edition

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Now when today’s super models like Hedi klum, Giesel bundschen and Naomi Campbell are either getting to old or becoming to expensive to hire I think it’s about for new super models to start emerging.
The models on the May cover of Vogue are in my opinion super model materials. First of all I give you my definition of a super model. To me a super model is a someone who has very unique looks, has breath taking sex appeal, rules the catwalk like Kim Jong rules North Korea but most importantly a super model needs to have a glowing aura which makes her stick out amongst other models. Honestly all the girls on the cover lack at least one of those characteristics.

Natalie Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova is easily one of the top girls with great super model potential. Her eyes and lips are to die for. I can, without taking it back a few weeks later, say that she is the most photogenic model out there at the moment. I have seen pictures from various campaigns and editorials she has featured in, and she looks absolutely breathtaking in all of them. Her little face, cute eyes, and lips make her look like an angel ready to shed light in the darkest corners of the world.

Although the camera loves her face, Natalie has a big problem. In real life pictures she looks totally bland. I have yet to find more than 3 photos where looks as stunning as she does in pictures. A super model has looks look like a million dollars absolute wherever she is. Natalia reminds me of the shy but not so popular girl in high school which you have a secret crush on. Your fellow peers laughs at you when you say she is beautiful, but deep down inside you know that with the right hair style and clothes she can over shadow all the other girls at school. What Natalia needs is a stylist which help her enhance her looks because the bob hair cut she has been wearing the latest months doesn’t work at all. Further more she doesn’t look that impressive on the catwalk either, she lack presence.

Neither does she know how to dress chick and edgy, but when the make up for a photo shot is applied on her face she blow everyone away.
So how does the future look? It looks as bright as a Sony Bravia LCD Screen, she just need to learn how to carry herself, and when she does I will be there to put a Cinderella glass shoe on her left foot.

Natasha Poly

Coincidently the next super model contestant also has a name which begins with the letter “N”. Her name is Natasha Poly and if you are a fan or models I’m sure you saw her in last years Victoria’s Secret show. Natasha’s facial structure is extremely strong giving her a very unique look, making it impossible to mistake her for another model. Just like Natalia, she is also a Russian who migrated from her country and conquered Milano.

Why do I like her? Her unique face is something that captures anybody’s attention and yes yes it’s beautiful. Natasha is a very good all a rounder, she knows how to work the catwalk, looks great in campaigns, in real life photos and has presence. She really has everything it takes to become a super model.

The only thing missing is a scandal or something in order to get some more exposure and media attention. Off course I wouldn’t want her to take drugs like Kate Moss or throw a cell phone at an underpaid maid, just a very tiny scandal. It would be very healthy for her career. Then she needs some attitude because we humans tend to get more attracted to people with confidence.


Back to the future.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

It might seem a bit depressing to speak about winter when we summer hasn't even hit some of the northern places on the globe yet. The truth is that we have just left winter behind and after the summer solstice next month we will be heading towards it. But most importantly the fashion world is always one season ahead.
I have managed to leech some pictures of what H&M has in store for us metro sexual boys this autumn/winter. By future baby is the gray trench coat with oh-so extravagant fur collar, and if my memory doesn't deceive me it will set me back a little as 120 euro. Hopefully I won't see every other guy with it. I'll probably also have to invest in an umbrella unless I want to smell like I wet dog after have been out in the rain.


From TV to the streets.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Okay, I might appear to be obsessed with Marc but during my mix and matching today I couldn't resist imitating one of his outfits in the latest episode. I thought about throwing on a blazer but thought I'd be to over-dressed for the social gathering that was coming together at a restaurant. FYI I had a Chardonnay Shrimp Pasta which was very delightful. Since I'm like a 15 years old girl when it comes to alcohol the meal and a glass of white wine was enough to make me tipsy. I wasn't even supposed to drink since I'm not 21(I'm in California right now), but thankfully I knew the tall but very beautiful waitress so she hooked me up. But it was nice to drink something different for a change. I'm tired of drinking beer out of a red plastic mug like a damn douche bag.

Teen drinking is very bad


Trend Setter 2.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

I know this isn't an embraced character by the mass and he hardly turns thousands of people into fashion slaves like Seth Cohan, but I have always admirer Marc St. James way of dressing. For you shameless fashion lovers who have been watching Heroes instead, Marc is a character in Ugly Betty which is played by a rather unknown Michael Urie. Despite that Michael Urie does a great job playing a rather funny, arrogant and uber gay assistant.

His shirt/tie/suit/sweater combos are lovable while others are very pleasant giving me some good inspiration. If you haven't watched Ugly Betty at all you better get started. Download the first episode and you will be hooked, especially if you're into fashion, like irony and humor. Although I love Marc by favorite character is Justin who is Betty's nephew, he is ever more hilarious than Marc.



Wednesday, 9 May 2007

By dear friend Tina introduced some fabulous t-shirts to me last night. I've never been a fan of Marc Jacobs' men’s collection but these tees from his "low budget" line Marc by Marc Jacobs is something I want to get hold of. They don't cost that much either. Best of all is that they are unisex, which means that you can buy one for you girl friend and use it yourself, that is if you and her wear the same size.
Grab them on ebay for as low as 30 dollars. Put one on, a pair of white converse high tops and big sunglasses with a white frame and you're good to go.


Look of the month: May

Monday, 7 May 2007

Gucci AW07/08

While some people are worried about the finals others are worried about not knowing what to wear during their friends’ graduation receptions. For the later ones, don’t worry, Daddy has got I all figured out.

One thing I have never understood is why people wear suit and ties when ever they are going to attend a more “special” event, gathering or when they are going to a fancy club. Some guys believe that a tie makes their outfit better, but in my opinion it is often the opposite. Very few people know how to make a suit and tie combination look edgy. Most guys I bounce into wearing suit and tie look like they are dressed for an interview for an accounting job.

At parties or receptions you are not supposed to dress formal, you should aim at dressing to impress and look avant-garde, think Karl Lagerfeld. I do have a several ties myself but I prefer not wearing them, I prefer think silk scarves. Not only do few people wear them but they are not uncomfortable to wear like a tie sometimes is. In order to not look overdressed a good route to take is to wear a shirt, blazer and then push down a fancy looking pocket square in the upper pocket of your blazer. The outfit above should serve as a guidance since I find it to be a splendid outfit for a special occasion.

Picture of me wearing one of my four beloved scarves(ignore the badly tucked in shirt):


US Magazines.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Doesn't it suck when life dumps on you. I talked to my mechanic the other day and apparently my car needs a whole new engine. So during the whole days I've trying to mend my heart with waffles(cinnamon taste), ice cream(cokie dough flavor), blue berries, strawberries and whip cream. It's totally not me but I felt damn good eating it.

Then I've turned my eyes to the latest issue of Vogue US which i have had for two weeks. The cover is awesome, too bad Freja wasn't on it, thanks you Steven Miesel and Anna Wintour*Not!!!*. The editorials inside it were pretty good, especially Natalie's featuring lots of marvelous haute couture creations. Raquel and Doutzen's editorials was very sexy, and they are a perfect match. I don't know if it's because they are older but they have a sexy appeal the other models on the cover lack.

I was disappointed that the feature about the models wasn't longer. A few articles in the magazine are enjoyable to read while the majority of them are very dry, cold and boring. US magazines are simply not as good as the European ones. US GQ on the other hand is completely worthless, I've flicked through two issues and have decided not to ever buy a US GQ unless there is a phenomenal editorial in it.
Although I didn't enjoy the latest issue of Vogue as much as I expected that I would it is certainly an issue worth having in your collection, whether you are a boy, girl or a turtle.


Wanna floss?

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

During my child hood I was in a corner myself since I was just about the only cat on the street who didn't have any metal shimmering on my ear lobs. My mom despised the male ear ring trend and refused to take me to the nearest hair saloon to get my ear pierced.

More over my mom said the men shouldn't be wearing any other than a watch but boy is she wrong. Tough I do agree with were to some extent, I don't want anything on my fingers except an engagement or weeding ring. Anyhow my affection for accessories have sky rocketed the latest weeks, especially shiny metal and leather good. What I hate though is that all the tiny leather accessories are to damn expensive. All designers like Dolce&Gabbana, Dior and DS2 sell them for $150-$450. There is simply no way I'd want to spend 300 dollars for some neck less. I have even though about visiting a silver shop or similar and buying bits and pieces and creating my own little accessories.