The Departed.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Why do all good things have to come to an end? Ugly Betty season 1 is over and now I have to leave this polluted but very warm oasis, aka California. It have been a very interesting 4 month visit, and I have matured into an adult if I’m to be philosophical about it.

Fashion wise it has been a night mare. Well fitted jeans have been impossible to find except in DHs store on Rodeo Drive. Further more some people here find my way of dressing funny, especially my hair. Then we have those who look at me like I’m an illegal alien but thankfully a few have complimented me.

Now it’s all back to Sweden and in 9 hours I’ll be sitting on a plane on my way to San Francisco reading an airplane saftey manual. where I’m definitely not going to be picking up a men’s magazine if you know what I mean. On the other hand I will be picking up a copy of the latest GQ magazine issue in London, I always do that when I’m in London. It’s a perfect magazine to read and easily kill 2-3 hours.

Off course I will be dressing up a bit in hope of at first sight falling in love with a French girl named Louisé which I would have deep eye contact with in terminal number 5 at London Heathrow airport while standing on escalators going opposite her, to later dropp out of school and marry her in Marseille an enrage both her and my parents. Kidding aside I love dressing up, but will not be wearing a three piece suit or anything similar like the outfits featured in Valentino’s AW 2006 collection.
Since I don’t like leaving things behind I need to go and finish up my Ben&Jerry “Americone Dream” ice cream.

BTW I just ate pizza with rice on top, horrid idea. Do not attempt at home. Yet lag here I come!!


Flurre said...

So what lies in the future for Mr Luwalira

Ferm said...

Lycka till i London Luwalira!
Förresten, det skulle vara trevligt om du gjorde ett inlägg om skor. Behöver nämligen lite inspiration. Dessutom skule jag gärna vela höra vad du har att säga om flip flop på stranden osv...

Luwalira said...

Like Ferm wrote I'll probably me migrating to London in a few months, but that's not written in stone yet. I'll might head to another country here in Europe.

Tack tack. Det är så sjukt mycket snack om flip flops. Jag ska försöka skriva ett inlägg om skor under nästa vecka. =)