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Monday, 7 May 2007

Gucci AW07/08

While some people are worried about the finals others are worried about not knowing what to wear during their friends’ graduation receptions. For the later ones, don’t worry, Daddy has got I all figured out.

One thing I have never understood is why people wear suit and ties when ever they are going to attend a more “special” event, gathering or when they are going to a fancy club. Some guys believe that a tie makes their outfit better, but in my opinion it is often the opposite. Very few people know how to make a suit and tie combination look edgy. Most guys I bounce into wearing suit and tie look like they are dressed for an interview for an accounting job.

At parties or receptions you are not supposed to dress formal, you should aim at dressing to impress and look avant-garde, think Karl Lagerfeld. I do have a several ties myself but I prefer not wearing them, I prefer think silk scarves. Not only do few people wear them but they are not uncomfortable to wear like a tie sometimes is. In order to not look overdressed a good route to take is to wear a shirt, blazer and then push down a fancy looking pocket square in the upper pocket of your blazer. The outfit above should serve as a guidance since I find it to be a splendid outfit for a special occasion.

Picture of me wearing one of my four beloved scarves(ignore the badly tucked in shirt):


Anonymous said...

That look is indeed nice, but i dont know if you can classify that fur as a "scarf". And even for a special occasion, that outfit is a bit overkill. The Gucci-outfit that is :)

Luwalira said...

Overkill? Naaah, I don't think so. Some people might think of it as an overkill because it looks so damn good. Sure you won't exactly blend in with it on a sweet 16 party but at a fashion show, club or wedding it is bound to make you a star.

Ferm said...

I don't think it's overkill either. And your shirt combination is killer, sir!

Anonymous said...

åå, den kavajen var ju lätt det snyggaste. Passformen, materialet, färgen! Klockren! Resten av outfiten var också snygg, härlig kombination.. Dock har jag liiite svårt för randiga byxor. Men kavajen är ju verkligen pricket över i:et.. Den livar upp hela outfiten. Läckert! /tina

Anonymous said...

Good scarf indeed. Although you said ignore I think your badly tucked in shirt with belly showing is too noticeable. I have seen a lot of people with their shirts like that recently.

bryce said...

saw your post- I'm trying to figure out how to start wearing a scarf. Any tips?