The Mastermind.

Friday, 25 May 2007

Aaaaaaarrrrrggh , god morning fellow internet pirates. “Pirates of the Caribbean” has had it’s premier this week, or was it last week? Weird enough I haven’t seen either of movies. Since I’ll have plenty of time curing my jet-lag I’ll probably set sail tonight and surf the waves on the internet in search for the first movie.

The Jack Sparrow of the fashion industry is John Galliano. The 20th January(my birthdate) this year he celebrated his tenth year as the captain of the ship. He is the master mind and might be of the best designers alive today.

His men’s collection are more than what most people could mentally swallow. I just flicked through three collection from his John Galliano men’s line and finding one wearable outfit proved to be as difficult as not finding carbs and sugar in Rosie O'Donnell’s kitchen.

Galliano follows the principle “less is bore”, all his collection are theatrical and over the top. Yesterday I was in a store which has some of his pieces for sale, and I wouldn’t buy any of them. Not only because they are too much, but also because of their disgustingly high price tags.

On the other hand his women’s collections are to die for, he is the true king of couture and he is extremely versatile. Every collection he design doesn’t resemble the previous ones. He is a master, which is why Dior hasn’t let go of him for ten years and they’ll probably won’t unless he completely resign from the fashion industry.

Dior Cruise 0708

Dior AW/0708


sara said...

Tack =) Precis, inte allt för dyra grejer, H&M och TopShop är ett paradis för snygga budget outfits =)

Flurre said...

Heter han inte Galliano? I alla fall älskar hans attityd och cirkusen som han sätter igång på sina shower.