Models of the month: Super model edition

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Now when today’s super models like Hedi klum, Giesel bundschen and Naomi Campbell are either getting to old or becoming to expensive to hire I think it’s about for new super models to start emerging.
The models on the May cover of Vogue are in my opinion super model materials. First of all I give you my definition of a super model. To me a super model is a someone who has very unique looks, has breath taking sex appeal, rules the catwalk like Kim Jong rules North Korea but most importantly a super model needs to have a glowing aura which makes her stick out amongst other models. Honestly all the girls on the cover lack at least one of those characteristics.

Natalie Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova is easily one of the top girls with great super model potential. Her eyes and lips are to die for. I can, without taking it back a few weeks later, say that she is the most photogenic model out there at the moment. I have seen pictures from various campaigns and editorials she has featured in, and she looks absolutely breathtaking in all of them. Her little face, cute eyes, and lips make her look like an angel ready to shed light in the darkest corners of the world.

Although the camera loves her face, Natalie has a big problem. In real life pictures she looks totally bland. I have yet to find more than 3 photos where looks as stunning as she does in pictures. A super model has looks look like a million dollars absolute wherever she is. Natalia reminds me of the shy but not so popular girl in high school which you have a secret crush on. Your fellow peers laughs at you when you say she is beautiful, but deep down inside you know that with the right hair style and clothes she can over shadow all the other girls at school. What Natalia needs is a stylist which help her enhance her looks because the bob hair cut she has been wearing the latest months doesn’t work at all. Further more she doesn’t look that impressive on the catwalk either, she lack presence.

Neither does she know how to dress chick and edgy, but when the make up for a photo shot is applied on her face she blow everyone away.
So how does the future look? It looks as bright as a Sony Bravia LCD Screen, she just need to learn how to carry herself, and when she does I will be there to put a Cinderella glass shoe on her left foot.

Natasha Poly

Coincidently the next super model contestant also has a name which begins with the letter “N”. Her name is Natasha Poly and if you are a fan or models I’m sure you saw her in last years Victoria’s Secret show. Natasha’s facial structure is extremely strong giving her a very unique look, making it impossible to mistake her for another model. Just like Natalia, she is also a Russian who migrated from her country and conquered Milano.

Why do I like her? Her unique face is something that captures anybody’s attention and yes yes it’s beautiful. Natasha is a very good all a rounder, she knows how to work the catwalk, looks great in campaigns, in real life photos and has presence. She really has everything it takes to become a super model.

The only thing missing is a scandal or something in order to get some more exposure and media attention. Off course I wouldn’t want her to take drugs like Kate Moss or throw a cell phone at an underpaid maid, just a very tiny scandal. It would be very healthy for her career. Then she needs some attitude because we humans tend to get more attracted to people with confidence.


Vickan said...

Agree about Natalia! When I first saw her in the CK ad, I thought she looked amazing. Then I saw her in real life photos, and she is nothing at all. To my great disapointment I realized that all shewas in that ad was touched up. Most beautiful models according to me (except for the stunning Gisele Bundchen), are Miranda Kerr, Gemma Ward and Lily Donaldson.