Trend Setter 2.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

I know this isn't an embraced character by the mass and he hardly turns thousands of people into fashion slaves like Seth Cohan, but I have always admirer Marc St. James way of dressing. For you shameless fashion lovers who have been watching Heroes instead, Marc is a character in Ugly Betty which is played by a rather unknown Michael Urie. Despite that Michael Urie does a great job playing a rather funny, arrogant and uber gay assistant.

His shirt/tie/suit/sweater combos are lovable while others are very pleasant giving me some good inspiration. If you haven't watched Ugly Betty at all you better get started. Download the first episode and you will be hooked, especially if you're into fashion, like irony and humor. Although I love Marc by favorite character is Justin who is Betty's nephew, he is ever more hilarious than Marc.