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Thursday, 3 May 2007

Doesn't it suck when life dumps on you. I talked to my mechanic the other day and apparently my car needs a whole new engine. So during the whole days I've trying to mend my heart with waffles(cinnamon taste), ice cream(cokie dough flavor), blue berries, strawberries and whip cream. It's totally not me but I felt damn good eating it.

Then I've turned my eyes to the latest issue of Vogue US which i have had for two weeks. The cover is awesome, too bad Freja wasn't on it, thanks you Steven Miesel and Anna Wintour*Not!!!*. The editorials inside it were pretty good, especially Natalie's featuring lots of marvelous haute couture creations. Raquel and Doutzen's editorials was very sexy, and they are a perfect match. I don't know if it's because they are older but they have a sexy appeal the other models on the cover lack.

I was disappointed that the feature about the models wasn't longer. A few articles in the magazine are enjoyable to read while the majority of them are very dry, cold and boring. US magazines are simply not as good as the European ones. US GQ on the other hand is completely worthless, I've flicked through two issues and have decided not to ever buy a US GQ unless there is a phenomenal editorial in it.
Although I didn't enjoy the latest issue of Vogue as much as I expected that I would it is certainly an issue worth having in your collection, whether you are a boy, girl or a turtle.


Anonymous said...

Doutzen and Raquel has a very strong and masqulin look, and just by looking at how Doutzen struts down the runway you can clearly see that. Doutzen is one of my favourite models, so unbeliviable sexy!

Luwalira said...

I don't know it is becasue of their age but Raaquel and Doutzen has the I-really-want-to-get-in-to-bed-with-you appeal, which the others on the covers don't have.
My appreciation for Doutzen has increased a lot the latest months.