What suits you?

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Graduation is still to over at least for the majority of the my friends and I believe I’m suffering from a suit-fever. Last week me, my mom and my younger brother who will be graduating from the 9th grade next week went to hunt for a suit.

The obvious place we went to is HM, their suits are cheap, look good and have a great fit. At HM I came across a very desirable navy blue and white pinstriped suit. It was slighty glossy and when my economy is right I’ll buy the trousers, because I have searched for a pair just like them for several months. Having bought a 450 dollar wool Ralph Lauren blazer for 89 dollar a few months ago I’m craving for a full suit. The quality and superb fit of the blazer has increased my appreciation for expensive blazers. It makes me feel like a Bill Gates that still dates.

Since I have stopped growing the time has come to buy a suit which I’ll use for years to come. I’m thinking about aiming for the pinnacle or men’s wear, a tailored suit. Like the people over at Gillette would say, the best a man can get. I have done some research and you can actually get your hands on a high quality suit for 700 euro. That might sound like a lot and unsurprisingly it is, but take a look in some peoples’ pockets and their iPod and cell phone will most likely add up the sub 700 euro level. Further more they’ll only use the gadgets for 1-2 years and then let them dust at home.

When it’s my turn to lay down my dough for a tailored suit I will most likely go for a navy blue with thin white pin stripes or a gray with lines going beautifully across the whole suit. Why not a black suit? Black suit are used the most. We wear them at parties, graduations, a night out at a pub, on funerals and everywhere else where we want to look a little stylish. So? Black suits take beatings, just ask me. During my graduation last year my trousers got burnt from ashes coming from a cigarette during the cruise in the cab, and got splashes on champagne on it several times. Surprisingly I didn’t bother me that much since I knew shit could happen during graduation, which is why I bought my black suit at HM. You simply can wear an ultra expensive suit at a crazy celebration because you wouldn’t be tight as a grown man’s anus not able to relax. The thought of damaging the suit would mean you would be body guarding it the whole day. With that being said I wouldn’t recommend anyone forking over a huge sum of money for a plain black suit.

Two button, three buttons? You decide. When ordering a tailored suit there are often several hundreds of fabrics, cuts, designs, buttons, colours, patterns to choose from and it’s all up to you to make your pick.