H&M + Roberto Cavalli = Unblessed Matrimony.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

H&M joining hands with well renowned design house this year was highly likely since they collaborated with the twins V&R last year and with the “Kaiser” aka Karl Lagerfeld in 06. So on the November 8th 2007 you can expect an H&M shopping frenzy in 200 stores around the world.

Honestly H&Ms choice this year has chocked the hell out of me but is at the same time a logical choice, although I would have preferred a collabo with Versace or Dolce&Gabbana. V&R and Karl Lagerfeld design pretty minimalistic but yet avant-garde collection involving colours like white, black and a splash of purple here and there. Variation is good, which is why Cavalli might be considered a good choice since he is the opposite of V&R and the Kaiser. His designs are very Italian, very emotional and creative(both good and bad), making the man to bring some extravaganza into H&M’s boring store.

As always in the fashion industry, women can consider themselves lucky. Cavalli is one of the top 5 biggest names when it comes to designing dresses for the American entertainment elite. Many celebs turn to him for a creation to wear at the Oscars and Grammies. That means that the chances are pretty big that the collection he will be designing for H&M will feature a dress that might be fabulous enough for you women out there to wear at your prom or during New Years Eve.

If you’re into music and don’t suffer from amnesia you probably recall this beautiful SS07 Cavalli dress Rihanna wore at last years European music award. Next to the picture of Rihanna you have a shot of top model Hilary Rhoda rocking the dress on the runway.

So what’s in it for us boys and the boys boys? Only God and Roberto Cavalli know. His collection for H&M will feature 20 men’s pieces and 25 women’s pieces, so there’s definitely something in it for us. I have never been a fan of Cavalli’s men’s collection. All of them are over the top and finding a wearable outfit in his collections is as difficult as finding any shame in Paris Hilton. With that being said my expectations for the men’s part is very low but hopefully H&M won’t be giving him free hands.


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