Look of the month: June

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Valentino SS07

Unlike Rihanna I don’t think I need an umbrella right now but I do need more shorts and so you. Y’all probably think “Shorts? No fucking way”, while some of you are daydreaming about the next Billabong surf shorts you’re planning on buying.

For starters surf shorts should be worn on no other place than……….yeah you know the answer. Other than that they aren’t something you wear when you’re out shopping or when you’re meeting up with friends. On the other hand it’s alright to wear on stay-at-home-days like public holidays or on Sundays during your run down to the local store to grab a can of Danish biscuits.

Some guys hate shorts because they are afraid or embarrassed about showing their legs. Well, congrats. Now you know how insecure girls feel when ever they are putting on a skirt, and sorry, there aren’t any leggings for men. If you have been spending too much time sitting in front of the computer reading fashion blogs it’s about time jump back up on the horse and ride a bike 2km/day to get your wiggly or wobbly legs in shape.

As you can see, this month’s outfit is very sexy and leave a lot of body skin exposed. The red shirt/jack is extremely desirable and I want it as much as Paris Hilton wants to get out of jail. During the summer you don’t have to wear t-shirts of wife beaters. Just put on a shirt, roll the sleeves up and open up the 2-3 top buttons. If your surrounding folks are lucky, an outfit like the one above will reveal your sexy Italian sunburn. Shorts are damn nice to wear but don’t try to get inside shorts which are too small for you……………and you who are still living in the early 90s, cut out jeans shorts are something I don’t recommending this year.