Spending the Benjamins.

Friday, 22 June 2007

In the world of increasing globalization and addiction to retail it seem like the 10 million dollars is the new ”million”. These days there is no such thing as having to much money. Regardless of how much money you there are services and products which will drain you faster than I can tell my janitor to say “Haute Couture”. Billionaire? No problem, by a private A380, a Bugatti Veyron and stay a few days at a hotel in a 2000sq/m room setting you back $10 000/night, and your bank account will be left bleeding it’s having a period. Just ask Michael Jackson. The latest 30 years he has happily spent close to 1.5 billion dollars on the most bizarre stuff one could image.

I’ve seen a very half crazy people myself who have spent close to $150 on a very simple white cotton tee from a designer which probably only produces the t-shirt for less than $10. For the rich, delusional and lonely there are products like the ones below, which are nothing but souvenirs for dick measuring contests.

From left to right: DH USB memory, Karl Lagerfeld Xbox 360 faceplates, LV set for caviar tasting, DH CD case, Bottega Veneta Magazine box, Karl Lagerfeld iPod travel coffin, Hermes huggie horse, Chanel Tennis set, Prada pencil set.


WinstonC said...

Oh good LORD! How absurd. The Chanel tennis set is actually hilarious. I saw Victoria Beckham in the papers ascending on a ski lift wearing Chanel skis. 'What else?' I thought. She typifies for me the kind of person for whom these items would brighten their bored eyes for oh-such-a-small-period-of-time. Hehe.

Luwalira said...

Victoria Beckham with Chanel skis, how tacky isn't that? I didn't even knew people bought those products, nontheless use them in the public.

But after all what are we to expect from a lolney stay-at-home soccer mom/footballers wife?