SS08: Missoni Men's Wear.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Wohooo SS08 has finally kicked off and you can expect deep coverage here at iluwfashion. So far so good, some of the collections which were exhibited yesterday were spectacular with lots of piece to like and dream about.

To warm you guys up I’ll start with Missoni who just like with their SS07, heavily rely on their uber signature ziggy saw pattern. Never before has grandma knitwear looks to hip and cool. With blue being the main colour across the board the collection seem to be inspired by the ocean and when you’re out sailing or fishing you are directly exposed to the sun, which is why the collection features a good number of Sherlock Holmes hats.

The neatly twisted sleeves of the sweaters around the neck.

Coloured pants.

Preppy is cute.

I don't digg the hats.

The patterns and colours can cause an epileptic seizure.

Grade: 5/5
I Luw it.


Henrik said...

I totally agree with you! great collection!

Luwalira said...

Yupp mycket trevligt kollektion. Undrar hur det ligger till med priserna. Tror faktiskt inte jag har stött på Missoni kläder IRL.