SS08: Prada Men's Wear.

Saturday, 30 June 2007

At first glance I wasn’t thrilled at all when the pictures from Prada’s SS08 collection were in front of my critical eyes. But as times went on my appreciation for it increased and I realised how fine it really is.

There’s just something calm and relaxing about the absence of half naked guys, bright colour and presence identical looking models. The background illustrating grass and trees adds to the atmosphere. It is pretty appropriate now when Al Gore has trigged off a “save the globe” spirit in all the guilt Hollywood celebs drive around in their Range Rovers and live in their environmentally in-efficient Malibu mansions.

I’m very anti-boot cut but mysteriously I like the pants featured in the collection, they look some what different, it must be because they end above the ankle. Don’t forget to check out all the outfits below to fulfil your boring weekend in front of the computer.

The trousers.
The theme.


Grade: 5/5 Wunderbar


WinstonC said...

Funnily enough I became anti-bootcut at the height of the skinny-jeans powers! I now restrict clothing on the legs (apart from shorts) to about three types - Skinny, slim-regular and pleated Oxford bags for chinos! When I tried on some old bootcuts recently, I couldn't BELIEVE how roughcut I looked. I think you have a fantastic blog - great work!

Luwalira said...

Haha just like me. After I had tried on a pair of skinny Ance Jeans my denim life took a new turn and hasn't changed since then.
I'm sooooooo picky when it comes to jeans and can't even stand a pair of jeans with even the slightest boot-cut. these days i only buy skinny jeans but I have yet to get my hands on a pair of pleated trousers.

Thank you for the compliment and happy to know that are people who appretiate my blog. Have a great week mate=)

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