Style on a budget.

Monday, 25 June 2007

During the latest 12 months I have encountered several people who have been lurking in second hand stores(or vintage for you who think SH is an ugly word) and found very nice pieces at ridiculous prices. So far I haven't paid a visit to a second hand store yet since I haven't had time and don't like the funny "old-people" odor in those stores. But I have to get over the smell if I want to find bow ties, belts and nicely worn leather bags for less then the price of a Vogue issue.

The photo above shows a rather experienced second hand shopper who has managed to compose a great summer outfit of vintage clothes from head to toe. I like the late 80s Miami- banker/Ferrari 335 Spider owner look he has pulled of, and I especially like the shorts.


Luwalira said...

Mmm väldigt snyggt. Skulle vara skoj om han sålde vidare kläderna på Blocket=P

Anonymous said...

Actually, you can do quite well at the right thrift store(s); for example I just picked up a Turnbell & Asser french cuff shirt for $2, a liz claiborne for men charcoal 42R suit (usually $450) for $8.50, and an Armani dress shirt for $2.50, a blue navy blazer with brass buttons for $4, silk shirts for $2, Merino wool black cardigans ($3), and Italian design Brutoni lite brown all leather shoes for $4. It's weird, the higher $ stuff is undervalued as the average thrift shopper isn't into suits or dress-up fabrics. Our Thrift Town and Thrift Mart stores are not in the high $ part of town, so few high end buyers. I have short (28") legs, so I find more jeans and dress pants at the thrift store in my size than at the malls. Tag sales cut prices in half in both stores, based on tag colors. Seniors get 30% (Thrift Town) or 50% (Thrift Mart) discounts too.
After losing 185 lbs, I have had to buy several sets of clothes as I've gone from XXXL to XXL to XL to lg to medium/large ;-) So I would recommend you be adventuresome and check out some of the thrift stores in remote places for potential great buys the usual thrift store buyers overlook. Happy hunting! ;-) RM

Andor said...

i love second hand or vintage shops, whatever you want to call then