Wiiiiiiiicked Ads.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

If the devil wears Prada, Adam and Eve wears nada then this is what Burberry wants you to wear this autumn. These 80s pop/rock inspired ads are something aimed at us MTV watching, party crazy and sex fixated young adults rather than the old 60 years hags we spot on the streets between 10:00-14:00 wearing beige coats with Burberry pattern on the inside. Isn’t it harmonious? The unification of the young, living youths and the old in the same Burberry stores, shopping together like tomorrow doesn’t exist.

My most fashion fanatic readers will probably recognise the very short haired girl who is none other than the British Agyness Deyn, who featured on the front cover of Vogue May and is one of the most popular models at the moment. The short hair makes her pretty unique but in a positive unlike Britney Spears awful shaving. Think Natalie Portman or Halle berry. As a fan or the UK you can get your favourite jeans on that I will be cheering for the young and British Lewis Hamilton during today’s Formula 1 race.