Rugby shirt + shirt = Wunderbar

Monday, 30 July 2007

I have during several months thought of imitating the shirt+rubgy combination seen in the picture above. The down side is that I don’t own a nice rugby shirt but I do own good looking polo shirts which wouldn’t work as good since they would leave the shirt sleeves exposed. On the other hand I can always wear a jacket which is perfect during outdoors when I won’t be taking the jacket off. Though I have to say that this combination is best suitable for chilly days during the fall or winter.

Yesterday I found a picture of this guy who seem to have been inspired by picture on and surprisingly he shows that the combination looks good and works fine in real life too.


Rihanna = Umbrella girl fo' sho.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Yes we are all sick and tired of the smashing hit umbrella and thankfully it is being played less frequently on radio now. I’ve heard it at least 50 times not and have moved on to Rihanna next super hit, Please don’t stop the music.

Like many singers do, Rihanna lent her name to company which is a company that will be selling 19-50 dollar umbrellas with Rihanna’s name on them. This isn’t anything major or advanced since Rihanna hasn’t even designed the umbrellas and they themselves are nothing out of the ordinary. If you happen to be interested in purchasing Rihanna signature umbrella or the ones used video then follow the link below.

Totos, Rihanna umbrellas


Hilary Rhoda.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Originating from Maryland Hilary Rhoda can be perceived as America’s sweetheart in the modeling world. She is actually one of my favorite models. You see, many of the top models at the moment look a bit from the hot women from the street. Simply put, you need to be a fashion fanatic to really appreciate the beauty of some models. My precious Hilary on the other hand looks like a real woman in classical term.

She stands out amongst many models in the sense that her appearance is very sensual and elegant. Thanks to her dark hair, thick eye brows and laser blue eyes she has intensity like no other model. She is the type that belongs in cocktail dresses, silk gloves and pearl necklaces. Fancy restaurant? No problem, her face will fit right in, drawing attention from big belly CEOs drinking whiskey. I hope to see more of her in the future and I pray that she will be drafted for this years Victoria’s secret show. She would make a great AA flight attendant asking me if I would like any coffee or tea.


Creed fragrances.

Monday, 23 July 2007

You might have encountered Creed fragrances before in ”premium” malls and fragrance stores. Often your eyes will only see one or two of their fragrances and then move on to the more popular brands like Boss and Carolina Herrera.

The truth is that there is great history behind the Creed and their specialization in fragrances. When I lived in Orange County and visited a department store I encountered the Creed’s section which consisted of a glass desk with a biiiiiiiiig shelf of fragrances. Prior to that I knew nothing about the brand and was stunned to see the extent to which they have gone to sell fragrance. Without over-dramatizing(which I love to do) they had like 30 different fragrances for men and almost equally as many for women. They don’t play games and seem to be offering fragrances with different characters. It’s a perfect company to turn to if your one of those scent fanatics who can tell if a fragrance contains citrus, aqua, cinnamon, vampire blood or spices.

Creed even sell 240ml refill bottle and I even saw a bottle almost 3-4 times(must have been one of the 1000ml bottle) as big would probably last until your hair is white and nut sack is hanging 15cm down your thighs. Other merchandise they sell are soaps, scented candles and small nicely decorated bottle designed for traveling and not being able to be confiscated before boarding an aircraft.

As always nothing everything has a price*sigh*. Creed fragrances sell for €100-300 which is far from what many a willing to pay for smelling good, showering more than once a week is a cheaper option. But if you are really particular and want a smell a specific way than Creed is a worth option. The 240ml refill bottle come with €250 stickers btw.


Front row.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Attending a fashion show is for us fanatics the same experience it is for a car nutt(like moi) to attend a car gathering. You get to discuss your favorite designers with people who knows what you are talking about. At a fashion show the conscious ones will know if the scarf your girlfriend is wearing is from HM priced at 6 euro and not a 320 euro Hermes scarf. Those are the people who’s face will turn green of envy when they notice that you’re wearing a colorful limited edition Etro runways shirt. Simply put, the fashion shows are the place to shine at.

I have attended several fashion shows but since I work as a model(surprise, surprise) I have been unable to put on a show of my own by wearing an eye catching outfit, instead I’ve been back stage eating unsatisfying pasta salad, drinking champagne and rotting to death for several hours in wait for the fashion show to get started.

Now when I’m an amateur fashion critic I rather sit at front row amongst stuck up editors and snobbish retail buyers than walk down the runway. Change of heart if I can put it that way. Before I continue on, my warm blooded and humble heart is bugging me to tell you guys that the pictures are leeched from the street fashion photographer number one, the Sartorialist.

These pictures are shot during the men’s SS08 fashion weeks. What the outfits have inspired me to do is to wear low sneakers and my loafers wearing no socks. It takes appearance to a different new level, it makes you look more clean and fresh. Just look at a girl wearing a skirt without any leggings or stocks on her legs, more visible skin = more sexyyy.

The reason why the guys in the pictures look so damn neat is because they have kept it simple. Coming through dressed like a fashion guru doesn’t make it’s unnecessary to engage in accessory-whoring like a Hollywood socialite like Paris Hilton. A few high quality pieces with good fit is at times the safest recipe for great success.


The Simpsons go shopping.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

If you like surprises followed women’s AW07/08 earlier this year and most importantly like the Simpsons then these shots will put a big fat smile on your face. In the August issue of Harpers Bazaar there is a several pages long editorial featuring former super model Linda Evangelista and the Simpsons family off course.

What is awesome about the editorial is that it is so appropriate but yet much unexpected. I’m happy to see that there are people in the world of fashion with a sense of humor. Overall the editorial features signature outfits which most fashion fanatics will recognize. I remember the Simpsons episode when Marge bough a second hand pink Chanel suit in order to fit in with the rich folks in Springfield. Now I’m happy that Homer has earned enough money to turn Marge’s materialistic dreams into reality. This is an editorial to remember and I’ll likely buy the issue. Now bring on a Family Guy editorial.


Outfit of yesterday.

Monday, 16 July 2007

My watch: Certina DS Podium Square

What a day. Gothia Cup kicked off yesterday and is the worlds biggest youth tournament with over 32 000 participants and as usual I’m excited, mostly because the team from Uganda(where I’m born) has dominated for 4 years.

Like with always social gatherings and activities I love dressing up for myself and the people around me. The only accessory I was missing was a chiwawa which would help me attract ladies like strip clubs attract married men.

Unfortunately I was left out in the cold when I stood in a que wanting so snag one of the 60 000 thousands tickets. Anyhow I have uploaded a lousy(promise to post proper pictures next time) cell phone shot of what I wore and above is a close up of my watch. To bad you can’t see a full view of the shorts and sneakers I wore. For the first time ever I wore shoes but no socks and luckily I’m not the person who suffer from feet sweat. Therefore my feet smelled as natural as the feet of an infant when I took the shoes off.


Beach Fashion.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Want to look like the Barbie doll above wearing 80s briefs? If the question is yes then you should have started working your ass of at the gym ever since you saw the movie 300. If you haven’t seen the testosteronelicious movie then renting it should at the top of your Sunday-to-do-list.

300 has made a 6 pack obsolete, now an 8 pack is the coolest a man could have. I happen to have one but for it to be visible I need to get rid of the annoying layer of fat covering it, I haven’t been exercising as much since I stopped playing American football. The only way to get rid of the fat layer is by running and I hate cardio. I even happen to hate deep water.

We black folks don’t get along with water which is why we are involved in just about every sport except water sports. My ideal habitat is water where I can feel the bottom with my feet. Make no mistake, I do know how to swim but unfortunately not very efficiently, I use too much energy. That is why I usually spend my days at the beach enjoying the sun, sand and attractive human beings of the opposite gender.

Enjoying the sight of sexy women before your eyes might become a big issue if happen to be wearing briefs and you…..uhm…start fantasizing about things you shouldn’t. There is simply no way of hiding an erection, you can put it side ways or do anything else to hide your sin. Further more I find briefs to be a bit too revealing, the scrotum might pop out and pubic hair will most likely be very exposed.

Many guys and even most of my friends prefer surf shorts. I don’t like them because I find I don’t find them to be sexy. I wear swimming trunks which are similar to boxers. They fit good, don’t reveal too much and enhance the beauty of the my body. There is even an option of wearing small shorts which is in my opinion the ideal choice. I won’t invest in a pair since I don’t go swimming very often.

The poser who doesn’t swim at all and just visit the beach to show of their good looks can look even better with a nice towel around the neck, perhaps a cap on the head and a pair of slippers(don’t forget a watch). Girls on the other hand have tons of ways to turn the beach into a runway but I don’t recommend them to do it unless they are in Monaco or on St. Bartz waiting for a yatch.