Beach Fashion.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Want to look like the Barbie doll above wearing 80s briefs? If the question is yes then you should have started working your ass of at the gym ever since you saw the movie 300. If you haven’t seen the testosteronelicious movie then renting it should at the top of your Sunday-to-do-list.

300 has made a 6 pack obsolete, now an 8 pack is the coolest a man could have. I happen to have one but for it to be visible I need to get rid of the annoying layer of fat covering it, I haven’t been exercising as much since I stopped playing American football. The only way to get rid of the fat layer is by running and I hate cardio. I even happen to hate deep water.

We black folks don’t get along with water which is why we are involved in just about every sport except water sports. My ideal habitat is water where I can feel the bottom with my feet. Make no mistake, I do know how to swim but unfortunately not very efficiently, I use too much energy. That is why I usually spend my days at the beach enjoying the sun, sand and attractive human beings of the opposite gender.

Enjoying the sight of sexy women before your eyes might become a big issue if happen to be wearing briefs and you…..uhm…start fantasizing about things you shouldn’t. There is simply no way of hiding an erection, you can put it side ways or do anything else to hide your sin. Further more I find briefs to be a bit too revealing, the scrotum might pop out and pubic hair will most likely be very exposed.

Many guys and even most of my friends prefer surf shorts. I don’t like them because I find I don’t find them to be sexy. I wear swimming trunks which are similar to boxers. They fit good, don’t reveal too much and enhance the beauty of the my body. There is even an option of wearing small shorts which is in my opinion the ideal choice. I won’t invest in a pair since I don’t go swimming very often.

The poser who doesn’t swim at all and just visit the beach to show of their good looks can look even better with a nice towel around the neck, perhaps a cap on the head and a pair of slippers(don’t forget a watch). Girls on the other hand have tons of ways to turn the beach into a runway but I don’t recommend them to do it unless they are in Monaco or on St. Bartz waiting for a yatch.


WinstonC said...

I don't like surf shorts either. They look juvenile. I'd half expect people to ask me 'Shouldn't you be back in the hotel playing with your Nintendo?' I like the 1950's "short" swim shorts. Very much like boxer short size. Difficult to find good ones - mostly vintage shops here. If you have a recommendation for where to find shorts this size (see Jude La w from link) please let me know;