Creed fragrances.

Monday, 23 July 2007

You might have encountered Creed fragrances before in ”premium” malls and fragrance stores. Often your eyes will only see one or two of their fragrances and then move on to the more popular brands like Boss and Carolina Herrera.

The truth is that there is great history behind the Creed and their specialization in fragrances. When I lived in Orange County and visited a department store I encountered the Creed’s section which consisted of a glass desk with a biiiiiiiiig shelf of fragrances. Prior to that I knew nothing about the brand and was stunned to see the extent to which they have gone to sell fragrance. Without over-dramatizing(which I love to do) they had like 30 different fragrances for men and almost equally as many for women. They don’t play games and seem to be offering fragrances with different characters. It’s a perfect company to turn to if your one of those scent fanatics who can tell if a fragrance contains citrus, aqua, cinnamon, vampire blood or spices.

Creed even sell 240ml refill bottle and I even saw a bottle almost 3-4 times(must have been one of the 1000ml bottle) as big would probably last until your hair is white and nut sack is hanging 15cm down your thighs. Other merchandise they sell are soaps, scented candles and small nicely decorated bottle designed for traveling and not being able to be confiscated before boarding an aircraft.

As always nothing everything has a price*sigh*. Creed fragrances sell for €100-300 which is far from what many a willing to pay for smelling good, showering more than once a week is a cheaper option. But if you are really particular and want a smell a specific way than Creed is a worth option. The 240ml refill bottle come with €250 stickers btw.


WinstonC said...

Imperial Millesime is the best Creed fragrance to me! It's so fantastically full of notes. Straight from the bottle, it's quite strong but by the afternoon it's settled onto your skin. Appropriate for summer or winter (which is something not often possible to say about a lot of fragrances) but it really feels like a September fragrance. Still glowing from the summer, taking a walk through the park after visiting the shops on a Sunday afternoon, selecting clothing from the new collections and enjoying the rich September sunset.

Luwalira said...

But is it really worth the money compared with normal fragrances which are almost 3 times cheaper than the average Creed Fragrance? Do you find the price justifiable?

sreed1927 said...

Please be mindful that Creed uses more essential oils which attributes to it's price and scent longevity.

I only wear the Creed line. It's well worth it.