Monday, 2 July 2007

In every proper fashion magazine there is always an editorial, which is often located somewhere half way into the magazine. Editorials are a very important in the sense that they are the boiling point in fashion. The most important career people are involved such as the editors, photographers, stylists, makeup artist and last but not least models.

At the creation of editorials creativity flows like champagne at the Oscars. Some editorials are terrible while some are immaculately beautiful, and often the photographer is the one getting most credit. Since I love editorials I thought I’d share two of my favorite editorials.

The one featuring Adriana Lima is shot by the one and one Steven Meisel who is probably the most famous and influential fashion photographer at the moment, and has shot covers for Vogue countless times. Looking at the images you might think I like the editorial because I’m an in closet fan of gangbangs which really isn’t the case, though I have to admit that there is a sex related reason. The shots are so simple, raw and very sexy. I fell for the editorial the first time I saw it, it has that magical attraction which make you take a second, a third, a forth and a fifth glance at the shots. It’s no wonder it was shot by a top photographer which I didn’t know of at the time I saw the editorial.

Secondly I present to you an editorial featured in a Swedish/Nordic fashion magazine.
As a fan of colours this editorial captured my heart instantly. The use of the white canvas combined with contrasting colours can be amazing, This is the probably the reason why United Colours of Benetton is constantly using a white canvas for their ads. The cartoon-ish “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”/Alice in Wonderland theme makes the shots childishly joyful to look at. I have some ideas myself and would love to create an editorial one day.


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