Front row.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Attending a fashion show is for us fanatics the same experience it is for a car nutt(like moi) to attend a car gathering. You get to discuss your favorite designers with people who knows what you are talking about. At a fashion show the conscious ones will know if the scarf your girlfriend is wearing is from HM priced at 6 euro and not a 320 euro Hermes scarf. Those are the people who’s face will turn green of envy when they notice that you’re wearing a colorful limited edition Etro runways shirt. Simply put, the fashion shows are the place to shine at.

I have attended several fashion shows but since I work as a model(surprise, surprise) I have been unable to put on a show of my own by wearing an eye catching outfit, instead I’ve been back stage eating unsatisfying pasta salad, drinking champagne and rotting to death for several hours in wait for the fashion show to get started.

Now when I’m an amateur fashion critic I rather sit at front row amongst stuck up editors and snobbish retail buyers than walk down the runway. Change of heart if I can put it that way. Before I continue on, my warm blooded and humble heart is bugging me to tell you guys that the pictures are leeched from the street fashion photographer number one, the Sartorialist.

These pictures are shot during the men’s SS08 fashion weeks. What the outfits have inspired me to do is to wear low sneakers and my loafers wearing no socks. It takes appearance to a different new level, it makes you look more clean and fresh. Just look at a girl wearing a skirt without any leggings or stocks on her legs, more visible skin = more sexyyy.

The reason why the guys in the pictures look so damn neat is because they have kept it simple. Coming through dressed like a fashion guru doesn’t make it’s unnecessary to engage in accessory-whoring like a Hollywood socialite like Paris Hilton. A few high quality pieces with good fit is at times the safest recipe for great success.