Hilary Rhoda.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Originating from Maryland Hilary Rhoda can be perceived as America’s sweetheart in the modeling world. She is actually one of my favorite models. You see, many of the top models at the moment look a bit from the hot women from the street. Simply put, you need to be a fashion fanatic to really appreciate the beauty of some models. My precious Hilary on the other hand looks like a real woman in classical term.

She stands out amongst many models in the sense that her appearance is very sensual and elegant. Thanks to her dark hair, thick eye brows and laser blue eyes she has intensity like no other model. She is the type that belongs in cocktail dresses, silk gloves and pearl necklaces. Fancy restaurant? No problem, her face will fit right in, drawing attention from big belly CEOs drinking whiskey. I hope to see more of her in the future and I pray that she will be drafted for this years Victoria’s secret show. She would make a great AA flight attendant asking me if I would like any coffee or tea.


BruceMcc said...

My God.. What a beauty she is.

Luwalira said...

You're damn right she is Bruce.

One day, maybe one day=P

Corey Sims said...

OMG, I couldn't agree with you more! I think that Hilary would be a delight to see on the runway for VS! She does have that high class, upper east side, Charlotte York (from Sex & the City) look. just love her

Anonymous said...

She is from the upper east side! Well she lives there now. I would know, I'm the biggest fan of her ever. But classy she is not - you should see the things people said about what she did in middle school :S

Luwalira said...

Lol! At least she looks classy. She's a human after all and has skeletons in the closet like the rest of us.

Bloggerz Home said...

hahaha...she does have a kinda dirty look to her. She has a wild side but just shows us the innocent side =)