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Thursday, 5 July 2007

Dolce & Gabbana SS07

A year ago I sold a blazer which was too small for me in the shoulders. Since it was a part of a suit I was left with the trousers. Unfortunately I have only managed to put them to use once(pictured below) and would like to use them more often.

The problem is that it is very difficult to wear those kind of pants without looking formal. Therefore, one is almost forced to pair them up with something funky or very casual to loosen up the visual appearance of the outfit.

Dolce & Gabbana’s SS07 outfit contained a very beautiful and modern. It is one of the few runway outfits which are perfect to wear from head to toe. Finding short sleved shirts with a great fit is almost impossible. Most of them are baggy a‘la fat guy wearing a Hawaii shirt in an 1970s porn movie. Though I did mange to find a nice one at HM which was off course unwearable after a few washes. I wish I had bought several of them.

The difference between my trousers the ones featured in the dolce outfit is that mine don’t have the loose fit necessary to make them look edgy. Still I hope the Dolce outfit will serve as an inspiration for you who are tired of wearing jeans 365 days a year. What’s best is to try and match the trousers up with a polo shirt and perhaps a pair of clean and simple sneakers. I’ll probably take mine this weekend and experiment in front of the mirror.


John said...

You sure gave me something to think about...

SubjectiveFashion said...

I like your sense of style and your posts. However I miss pictures and thoughts on your own style and clothes, that´s really the most interesting part =)

I agree with you on KVA and DH. Dazed yet pleased is a good description. In one way I miss Hedi, on the other hand I didn´t always like Hedis extremely skinny models and silhouettes. In some way that shouldn´t be Dior. KVA will proably please the more conservative fashionworld with his version of DH.

ps. My DH boots by Hedi are my favourites and will always be though =)

Luwalira said...

Thanks for the compliment and I'll try to post more . + I will even write an entry about my style=)

I totally agree with you. Hedi's creations were too unorthodox for Dior and suited only a small group of people. His 3 latest collections for Dior were a bit uncoordinated and consisted of random outfits with no red thread keeping through the collections. He was even getting too gothic.

Although I was glad to see Hedi leave I hope he continue to do what he has done for Dior but under his own name. I even bought a pair of Dior jeans half a year ago. I want so many more but they are too damn expensive =(

Anonymous said...

PLS PLS post more pics of your style!