Object of the day: Tag Heuer Carrera

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Damn I hate advertising at times. Even though you don’t want to, it gets to you. After having been exposed to the Tag Heuer Carrer twice today I’ve spent almost half an hour drooling at it in front of the computer.

During today’s Formula F1s race I saw the watch on Anthony Hamilton(Lewis Hamilton’s father) as happened to be closely directed straight at the camera reflecting sun rays like the moon. Later on I headed over to a buddy and bumped into it again while watching the latest Nicolas Cage/Jessica Biel flick called “Next”, which btw has a terrible ending.

The Carrera is a very nice and well respected watch, and around 2 000 euro is what you need to fork over to a watch dealer for the cheapest model. Two Gs is a lot of money but is affordable compared with affordable other popular watches like the Rolex Submariner, IWC Portugieser(my all time favorite watch) and Hublot Big Bang.

Still, the watch highest up on my wish list at the moment is The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony which might not look much to the world but is in reality a brilliant piece.

I love simplicity and it doesn’t get simpler than the Patrimony which is at same time has a very masculine and powerful appearance. The “new” gold aka rose gold make it look very tasteful and I could not see this watch with something else than a comfortable brown leather strap it is bundled with.


WinstonC said...

I love the Vacheron, but somehow I just cannot get into Tags. I wear quite a feminine style of watch myself and so I imagine the overt masculinity and plethora of dials and knobs on them has put me off; give me clean lines and simplicity over complications and magnified dates any day!

Luwalira said...

I don't fancy cluttered watches myself but the Carrera is an exception, it does look more tasteful in real life.
So you wear more feminine watches. Feminine in what way, in size or are they jewel-like encrusted with diamonds?

WinstonC said...

Here is a link showing my watch;


It's more feminine, or I suppose unisex, because its lacking in sport extras and looks more like a bracelet than a watch. The watch face itself is almost flush in-line with the strap of the watch. Traditional men's watches tend to have an exaggeratedly large face. The Roman numerals are another feminine touch.

Candid Cool said...

My dad had a tag carrera with the black croc band, he ended up selling it, and i was devastated.

But I credit my love of Tags since I was 8 to him. I always thought Rolexs were dare I say, gaudy.

Anonymous said...

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ashford said...
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