Outfit of yesterday.

Monday, 16 July 2007

My watch: Certina DS Podium Square

What a day. Gothia Cup kicked off yesterday and is the worlds biggest youth tournament with over 32 000 participants and as usual I’m excited, mostly because the team from Uganda(where I’m born) has dominated for 4 years.

Like with always social gatherings and activities I love dressing up for myself and the people around me. The only accessory I was missing was a chiwawa which would help me attract ladies like strip clubs attract married men.

Unfortunately I was left out in the cold when I stood in a que wanting so snag one of the 60 000 thousands tickets. Anyhow I have uploaded a lousy(promise to post proper pictures next time) cell phone shot of what I wore and above is a close up of my watch. To bad you can’t see a full view of the shorts and sneakers I wore. For the first time ever I wore shoes but no socks and luckily I’m not the person who suffer from feet sweat. Therefore my feet smelled as natural as the feet of an infant when I took the shoes off.