The perfect fit.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

I have talked about bespoke suits before and here in an example of what a nice chunk of money spent on a bespoke suit can get you. The picture above is an example of perfection and man dedicated to the relationship between clothes and the body. Never in my life have I seen a suit look fit so flawless on a body.

The man wearing is not your random red carpet fashion freak, it is Ozwald Boateng. Many don’t have a clue who he is, but his main job is designer in chief for Givenchy men’s wear. His main profession is tailoring, which is something he masters like few people. If you want a bespoke suit designed by Boateng you should turn to the center of tailoring, Saville Row in Mayfair, which is where he his own shop. A red suit isn’t something I could see myself in but he is an admirer of coloured suits, so he’s the man to turn to if you want something special.


WinstonC said...

Technically, Ozwald Boateng's boutique is 'off Savile Row'; it's actually on Vigo Street which is at the Gieves & Hawkes end of the Row. :)

Luwalira said...

Oh she he's technically not on Saville row. I didn't know that, I guess there's no more space on the street.