The Simpsons go shopping.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

If you like surprises followed women’s AW07/08 earlier this year and most importantly like the Simpsons then these shots will put a big fat smile on your face. In the August issue of Harpers Bazaar there is a several pages long editorial featuring former super model Linda Evangelista and the Simpsons family off course.

What is awesome about the editorial is that it is so appropriate but yet much unexpected. I’m happy to see that there are people in the world of fashion with a sense of humor. Overall the editorial features signature outfits which most fashion fanatics will recognize. I remember the Simpsons episode when Marge bough a second hand pink Chanel suit in order to fit in with the rich folks in Springfield. Now I’m happy that Homer has earned enough money to turn Marge’s materialistic dreams into reality. This is an editorial to remember and I’ll likely buy the issue. Now bring on a Family Guy editorial.