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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The 90s was all about matching with the people around you and the trend obviously came from all the popular boy bands. During the Formula 1 race at Silvertone on Sunday, the British showbiz elite were present and straight from Los Angeles came The Beckhams for a visit to the motherland.

Since they are both very fashion conscious they decided to a match with one another which is a bit lame and makes me think of 13 years old girls sitting up at night on their beds dressed in their pajamas, talking on their phones discussing what matching outfits to wear at the school dance. Victoria looked a bit emotional exhausted which is pretty understandable since the very notorious British press haunts her 24/7. Being the shaper dresser in the family the former Spice Girl looked fabulous as usual. Her sun burned skin and bleached hair looks terrific. What a milf.

Having signed a soccer contract with LA Galaxy David looked like a million bucks. His appearance was pretty fresh even though I don’t like the design of his jacket, nor do I like his jeans. Regardless of that, they are a handsome couple and David do have a lot to learn from Vickie.


WinstonC said...

Victoria Beckham. Perpetually hiding behind huge sunglasses if you notice. When I first saw Beckham's hair I thought he had dyed it grey, however later pictures showed me it was a very light blonde. I remember when they matched in Gucci leathers before. I can't remember the event - it might have been a film premiere or something of that ilk. I personally think Mr Beckham is aging much better than Mrs Beckham (unsurprisingly) and perhaps this is getting to her. That and the fact that LA would make her feel woefully insecure considering the number of perfect-featured locals hoping to make it big.

Ferm said...

I fully agree about those jeans. They look dirty and cheap imo. At least they're better than the kind of jeans he used to wear.

ando said...

they look awesome--his jeans look great too--people who think other-wise are haters or unnecessary critics-get a life